GF: Holiday Blogging Event Round Up #1

Forgive me while I post this is a meditative mood. Life has been in an uproar with the weather here and it has seriously impacted my ability to focus. And not in a good way.

The Thanksgiving Holidays are over and I have just been eating the last of the Turkey and White Bean soup we made with the leftovers and the awesome stock that we will use for days to come to flavor a millions gravies, etc. Oh. Life. Is. Good.

And then the snow came (6 inches in the yard in 24 hours) which may not sound like much to those of you who live where it actually DOES snow (like our hometowns in Chicago and Minnesota). However, please reconsider that thought when I tell you that our towns DOES NOT plow. Nor sand. Nor salt. Yeap. It’s interesting.

Thankfully it warmed up (typical here) and the snow began to melt. And then it began to rain. A LOT. It has rained 6 inches in the last 36 hours and it’s still raining. O. M. G. The streets are beyond flooded and my world calls out for warm, DRY socks and good food.

Perfect timing, all things considering. I have a round-up to write! The hardest part about writing this summary is the fact that I want to EAT everything I’m rereading about as I type. Ay, you have no idea! It’s cold and rainy… our house could do with some delectable baking aromas in here, I’d say. So I will have to pick ONE from this gorgeous list of goodness.

During the month of November, the following items were posted for Holiday fare:
(FYI: Links are to the recipe post noted and are listed in no particular order.)

A GF Holiday Blogging Event Series

UPDATED LINK:  My Sweet Ginger, from GF in GA and FL made a delectable Pumpkin Mouse (ok… Mousse) that looks to be divine.  I printed this recipe out and added it to me “must try” recipe stack as well!  (Sorry for missing the link/post originally, Ging!)

Catherine from a Gluten-Free Guide had some great Thanksgiving suggestions and posted a recipe for Sweet Potato Fries with Cilantro and Lime. These sound like tasty alternatives… maybe a little chili powder for those of us with loves who like it HOT HOT HOT?

Seamaiden from Book of Yum – the woman does not sleep, I swear – posted an interesting recipe for Stuffed Acorn Squash – with Portobello Mushrooms nonetheless. Yum for sure!

Sally at Aprovechar has more than once recipe to tempt you! I love the Roasted Veggies Salad…too much!

Ellen of I Am Gluten Free has a LIST of wonderful food and recipes for Thanksgiving that include Pumpkin Hummus!

Cassandra from Delightfully Gluten-Free posted a Crustless Pecan Pie that looks to die for. I’m such a sucker for the sweet stuff on Thanksgiving, I swear. And pecan pie? MMM! I haven’t had one of those since going GF!

Carrie – the Ginger Lemon Girl, of course – made an AMAZING looking Cardamom Pumpkin Custard Pie ON TOP OF the Cranberry Cobbler she made! Wow. I need to get out that cardamom – it adds such a great layer of flavor to food!

Mary Frances – GF Cooking School – has a great recipe for cornbread stuffing (and some gravy, if you’d like) that will satisfy that “gotta-have-cornbread-stuffing!!-urge” you may have.

Mike, from Gluten Free Blog (and a few others he amazingly maintains) posted a fabulous recipe for Pumpkin Brulee. So good!

Miss Natalie – of GF Mommy – made many a friend when she set out to recreate those French Fried Onions people love on their green bean casseroles.

Truly, the Mistress of AMAZING Round-ups, Gluten Free Bay’s owner, has the most amazing round ups ever. This month, she posted one for Thanksgiving menus.

Krista from Going Gluten Free has an awesome looking Pumpkin Squares recipe. Oh me, oh my. Seriously, this one made me want to climb through and take a bite!

Jill – Hey! That Tastes Good – has a great list of not only recipes (Gravy, corn bread stuffing, sweet potatoes and marshmallows, etc) but also a great Thanksgiving Day. Wish I had been there!

Daniela – at Never Trust a Gluten-Free Culinary Student – posted a recipe for Pumpkin Butter that is definitely going to be a fall staple in my house from now on. Goodness – it’s so good!

Steve – on Living the Gluten-Free Life – posted a tasty looking coffee cake recipe for the Holiday mornings (or the day after, dare I say?). I have fond memories of coffee cakes at family brunches too.

Mrs. G. F. posted a recipe for Maple Pecan Pie with an Oat Crust. I loved that she substituted a homemade simple syrup for the called for corn syrup. Awesome!

Gluten Free Sox’s Karen posted a great list of her GF Thanksgiving menu and a recipe for Cranberry Sauce/Dressing. I love cranberries! I can’t figure out why we all only eat this stuff once a year!?

Jean – of Gluten Free Organics – posted an awesome Pear and Cranberry Tart with Almond Paste. So incredibly fabulous sounding, I’m glad to call her a fellow Washingtonian!

Elsepeth of “So familiar a gleam” posted a pumpkin cake recipe that was definitely an undertaking – without power! My goodness!

Gluten Free in the Greens posted two great recipes, one for a gluten-free Challah and the other a GF Brown bread. Mmm!

I made a scrumptious Carrot Cake (thank you Jamie Oliver, you babe you!) with hints of orange and a Lime-Mascapone Cheese Icing. OMG. I’m so glad I have friends nearby with whom I can share!

Oh please, dear Gluten-free blogger friends – PLEASE holler at me via email if I have inadvertently missed your post! I will edit as soon as I hear from you!

Many, MANY reasons to be thankful for Gluten-free bloggers are listed with each of your names. While the Holiday season brings about a more vocal gratitude, my life has ever been changed by the kindness of the gluten-free community through recipe sharing, story sharing, support giving, and knowledge swapping.

Where would we be without each other?
Happy GF eating to all!


  1. What a lovely roundup. Thank you for including me! I’m so jealous of that snow- we are sadly lacking both in Mountain View AND in Southern India, haha. I’m far from my kitchen right now but I look forward to trying these recipes when I get back! 😀


  2. This is awesome Kate!! What an incredible roundup! Thanks for the kind words! Try the cardamom pumpkin custard! Yummy stuff! I’m tempted to make another one this week!!

  3. 🙂 Wonderful, thanks! I was excited to see my recipe, but the rest of the recipes are even more exciting! Thanks so much! ❤


  4. This list looks super! I have been looking for more gluten-free blogs so this is a great resource for me. Thanks!

  5. Hi chica, sorry it’s taken me so long to get over and comment. You did a great job on the roundup! Yea for you for having the initiative to organize all of this. And thanks for including me even though I forgot to email you =)

    I’m already thinking about what to do for Christmas, but New Year’s will defininely be a vegetarian version of my Mom’s black eyed peas. mmm…I want some now =)

  6. Lovely Thanksgiving blogging event! I’m sorry I was away and couldn’t participate. Thanks for sharing everyone’s wonderful recipes!

    Sheltie Girl @ Gluten A Go Go


  1. […] Christmas and Hanukkah have come and gone; Kwanzaa ends in two days. When the holidays arrive, what’s a gluten-free cook/baker to make? Here are some suggestions to help you along. (Thanksgiving ideas can be found here.) […]

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