Gluten Free Dinner Rolls … from Adopt-A-GF Blogger

SeaMaiden from Book of Yum (and oh yea YUM! Check out her recipes) tempted me a while back with some dinner rolls. I’ve been dying to try them, so her Adopt-A-Gluten-Free-Blogger Event (#2) was the perfect time.

I’m sad to report that these babies didn’t make it all to dinner. Nope. I ate two for lunch with horseradish sauce and ham. LOL. I couldn’t resist.

I followed Sea’s recipe, replacing only the honey with some honey powder that sweet Steve sent to me. These are mild flavored dinner rolls that I will make again and again.

I made a half a recipe which made 12 small dinner rolls. Next time I will add more seasoning to the dough before baking. However, i will keep the sea salt & dill combo (or whatever seasoning is next!) on the top as I love the crunch and flavor it brings to each bite.

The only other thing I will do next time is try whipping the egg whites to see if it will lighten the rolls a bit. (This idea worked to lighten the hamburger buns I made recently.)

I hate to cut this post short…but I hear the oven timer…. the Angel Food cake (Thanks, Natalie) is done for a friend’s newly diagnosed daughter (tomorrow) and our fresh strawberries (tonight). The rolls are tucked away wrapped as little mini-ham sandwiches for my love. he will be here any minute, hungry from having missed lumch. And then we are off.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week as well.
Man, I LOVE Spring Break! 🙂


  1. I’ve been meaning to try those as well Kate! They look absolutely wonderful!!

  2. I’ve tried this recipe too, using teff instead of buckwheat — they came out really well. We used the small dinner rolls for hamburger “sliders” one night — one of the best hamburger rolls we’ve tried so far. (One question — I didn’t see honey in the recipe — did you sub honey powder for sugar? Is it a one to one substitution? )

  3. The Vegetating Vegan says:

    If you use yeast in these rolls, what do the eggs do? The yeast makes it rise, right? Could something else be used to bind it all together and thus make it vegan?

    I’m having trouble finding dinner rolls suitable for a gluten-intolerant person and a bunch of vegans!


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