I have a post for you all with a new recipe.
A hearty, delicious sorghum-flax seed bread.

However, it will have to wait until I am done grading papers and preparing for my lessons tomorrow.
I’m a bit behind.

My beloved laptop decided not to be of service late last week. And while I sincerely enjoyed my time unplugged, a slight panic started in my stomach when I thought about the work stored on my laptop. The panic began to grow when I anticipated not having it for planning, etc. Oh, not fun!

Thank goodness for my love and his willingness to help. So here I sit trying to figure out a new computer (and Vista…) but no worries! I have EVERYTHING already backed up and accessible. It only took the better part of yesterday… ok, like all yesterday to reinstall, update, etc.

Thus I’m behind.

However, I could not resist sharing a little gluten-free diet commentary that was shared with me last week by a person who shall forever remain nameless.

I was approached by this nameless person last week and they began to ask some questions about the gluten-free diet. After a few basic questions (How long have you been GF? How did you find out? So.. what *can* you eat?, etc), this person made what sounded TO THEM like the most logical statement ever. Here’s the statement that left me speechless:

“Yeah. I think I’m going to have to go gluten free too. Ever since I read about the wheat gluten in dog food from China being poisonous, I just realized that I would have to be gluten free too.”

Ok. Breathe in now. Don’t spray your soda or coffee or water on your computer screen. Really. You DO NOT want to go through what I’ve been going through this weekend. Trust me.

Tomorrow I’ll get this new bread recipe posted for you all. It’s just a matter of having enough time to write it up so someone outside of my own brain can follow it. Well, at least that is what I attempt to do, anyway.

So stay out of the dog food, kids. LOL
Eat your vegetables instead.


  1. About gluten, soy, corn, etc. in pet products – I wonder if animals should be eating those fillers at all. It’s not like they’d favor it in the wild. Dogs and cats do fall prey to some human diseases.

    Good luck with your papers!

    Oh, Andrea – I totally agree. In fact, we learned that our dog is wheat and corn intolerant too. Poor guy. You should see his face when I’m making tamales! No tamales for him!
    And yes, I have heard of gluten intolerant dogs too.

    I just thought it was funny that this person was chosing the gluten free diet based on dog food as their rationale. 🙂 I’m sure it was one of those comments made without full explanation, but it sure struck my funny bone at the time.

  2. LOLOLOLOLOL thanks for this great laugh today kate! And I can’t wait for that bread post! have a great day!!

  3. What the heck!??!? So does this mean the Tender Vittles that I share with our cat isn’t safe for me to eat either? Darn…I hope Fancy Feast is gluten free then as I do love their “Seafood Delight” (he says sarcastically).

  4. If you go to the website for King Corn (fabulous doc about corn and HFCS and beef) you’ll see that there is research that the corn that is in most dog food disagrees with the dogs…but since they’re dogs, we don’t know what they are feeling. I’m glad I don’t have dogs any more.

    As for corn intolerance — add that to MY list. I had the first corn I’d had in a month last night and today, and guess what??? or guess who?

  5. Well good heavens! That person is a winner 🙂

    Steve and I must be on the same wave length…I was having the same thoughts!


  1. […] We attended one “support” group meeting. It was confusing and we felt very disconnected. I should have gone back… but didn’t. And then we moved….to a small town where the words “gluten free” had people asking about dog food. […]

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