Gluten Free Sandwich Wrap – Take 3 – a new whole grain version – a mock lavash bread

Okay…it’s 10:00AM and I’ve already eaten half of my lunch…..bad bad bad. I just couldn’t resist. I had to try it.

You see, last night at 11:00 (Why do I always start these projects at 11pm?), I needed to make something for my lunch. My mom flew in last night (wahoo!) and we ate dinner out with her last night. It was great fun, but it also presented the hurdle of no leftovers for a quick and easy lunch.

Don’t get me wrong, gluten-free lunch is not hard.
I just like to sleep in. 😛

So at 11, I decided to play around a try a new wrap recipe. I love Cindy’s wraps (she is the one who first modified a recipe she found and made the one posted on this site….it was posted with her permission). But sometimes the wraps are really more dense and chewy than I want.

I used to eat lavash bread sandwiches. Lavash bread is a kind of Middle Eastern bread which is long, thin, and flexible. Originally when I had asked for a wrap recipe, I was looking for something to make the same lavash turkey sandwiches that we LOVE in the summer.

Really… nothing replaces a fresh smoked turkey sandwich with sprouts, a little mayo/tahini and balsamic vinegar sandwich when it is hot outside for me. It’s the perfect summer lunch. NO BAKING! But ah.. now I’m gluten free and baking is part and parcel for me. I really prefer the flavors of gluten free home baked goods to the store bought ones.

So last night I realized that we had Boar’s Head Smoked Turkey (all of their meat is GF!) in the fridge. (OH YUM!) and it was time I figured out the lavash bread. With Cindy’s adaptations as lead and my own experiments as of late, I was feeling fairly confident.

Lately I have been playing with adding more water to Cindy’s recipe – up to one cup. This made the batter more like a pancake batter which I just poured on to a large piece of parchment on my jelly roll pan and baked it. And it worked perfectly. It saved me the trouble of having to push the dough out to make it thin. However, I was still left with a bit of a dense, chewy center. (Especially in the center of the pan where it sinks a bit.) I have really been working toward recreating the evenly thin and non-chewy texture of the lavash.

I think I have it.
And man, it’s good.
Evidence: my lunch is almost gone and I still have two hours before lunch time. =S

This recipe has some added benefits beyond it’s consistency too. It is egg-free and can be easily made to be dairy-free with the substitution of a non-dairy powdered “milk” in lieu of the powdered buttermilk.

And it uses whole grains! (If you don’t like sorghum, you can replace it perfectly with rice flour. Keep in mind that rice flour makes the bread more dense/thick, so you may wish to add another tablespoon of water.)

I hope you like this recipe too. To be honest, this is now my preferred gluten-free wrap bread recipe. I’m heading home after school to make another. We’re having sandwiches for dinner…… 🙂

Gluten Free, Whole Grain Sandwich Wraps
Recipe makes one jelly roll pan of wraps/ gluten-free lavash bread

1/4 cup sorghum flour
1/4 cup millet flour
1/4 cup potato starch (NOT flour)
1/4 cup tapioca starch
1 Tablespoons yeast
2 Tablespoons powdered buttermilk or non-dairy powdered milk
2 teaspoons xanthan gum
3/4 cup of warm water (+/- tablespoons of water)
1 1/2 teaspoons agave nectar
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
3/4 teaspoons salt
3/4 teaspoons cracked black pepper*
3/4 teaspoons cumin*
3/4 teaspoons dill*
3/4 teaspoons fennel*

(*Feel free to omit the seasonings (but not the salt) if you prefer a plain flavor. I found the herbs to be an amazing addition for my sandwiches.)


  1. Preheat your oven to 400F.
  2. Mix together the dry ingredients in the bowl of your mixer – sorghum, millet, potato starch, tapioca starch, xanthan gum, yeast, powdered buttermilk, salt and optional seasonings.
  3. Mix together the water (start with 3/4 cup), agave nectar, olive oil and vinegar.
  4. Pour the liquid ingredients into the dry and mix on low until blended. The dough should not resist the beaters and bounce around in the bowl but rather be more of a soft cookie dough – maybe even a bit more wet.
  5. Beat the dough on high for no more than 2 minutes. The dough should look like this:
  6. Line a jelly roll pan with parchment paper. Spread the dough as thinly as possible to cover the 10 x 15″ jelly roll pan. (To do this, I used a rubber spatula and kept dipping it in to water to keep the dough from sticking. This dough is not really as sticky as you might think – but the extra water helps push it out easier.)
  7. Bake at 400F for 13-16 minutes until the top begins to brown and the edges are browned. Let cool completely before storing in an airtight bag. (I rolled mine up in the parchment paper and then tucked it in to a gallon size Ziploc last night before heading off to bed.)

Turkey & Spinach Lavash Sandwich:  Gluten Free, of course!

Happy GF Eating!


  1. Where do you buy your Boar’s Head? I live near Tacoma and would love to be able to have Boar’s Head again.

    I buy mine at Ralph’s or Bayview Thriftway in downtown Oly. I sent you a link to their site via email. 🙂 – Kate

  2. I’m expecting a shipment from Bob’s Red Mill with my millet and sorghum flour any day now, and this (along with you sorghum-flax bread) are at the top of my “To-Make” list. Thanks for the great recipe!

  3. Oooh, there’s a boarshead plant right down the road!! We should have plenty of it available here. I just have to track it down. It never occured to me that MEAT would have gluten in it. How ridiculous…is it from what they feed the animals, or the processing? Do you know?

    I have a sandwich that I love, which is similar to yours, that I used to make on pita or naan. I haven’t been adventurous enough to try either of those GF yet, so maybe I will just try this first! Thanks.

  4. Rochelle says:

    This looks terrific — do you think I could substitute honey for the agave? Also, is the milk powder to add extra protein? Do you think that one could substitute milk for part of the water and achieve the same consistency? (I guess the answer is just to try it, but I thought I’d check with you first in case you already had!) Thanks for your great recipes.

    Rochelle –

    Absolutely feel free to substitute honey or even sugar for the agave called for in the recipe. However, about the milk…. every time I have tried what you have suggested (using milk for part of the water and omitting the powdered milk), I end up with a more dense bread.

    I have NOT tried it with this recipe though and I am curious if it will work. Since there is no dense middle, maybe the added liquid milk won’t change/alter the consistency so much. If you try it, I hope you will come back and let us know. 🙂


  5. So I made this, already, since I was doing some other baking. I didn’t have millet flour that wasn’t in a mix already so I subbed Quinoa. I did half of it plain and half with the spices. I like that the spices cover up some of the bitter flavor from the quinoa. This isn’t my lovely naan, but it will definitely do! Hummus, here I come!

  6. Ahhhhh Kate, how am I ever going to get any painting done? Whine Whine!!! Now I have to rush out to the grocery store for thing, in order to make your Lavash wraps. Oh they sound amazing!!! Damn you! :)~ I’d never heard of lavash, looked it up on Wikipedia, very interesting.

    Thanks for the inclusion on your site. Very sweet!You’ve got a delightful blog!

  7. All you recipes always look so good! I really need to get up the nerve to buy some of those other flours, like sorghum and millet, since I’m now corn free as well as gluten free. Keep up the good work (so the rest of us can reap the rewards;)

  8. Have you thought any about flax seeds or meal, or sesame seeds to a version of this??? I love those flavors and the added fiber, just not sure how it would work out.

  9. Yeah… that was supposed to be adding it to the wrap recipe… I can’t type today *head desk*

  10. *gasp* I can definitely see wraps in my future! Yummy! 🙂

  11. this is absolutely delicious and so easy to make!!! I am so excited, and it came at the perfect time – I’ve been dying for a wrap and these are going to make this week’s lunch 10x easier than a basic sandwich.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  12. Lisa from Canada says:

    I made this and threw in some cracked flax seed – it worked out great. I cut the wrap into squares and used them as hmabuger buns. Kind of like President Choice’s Burger First buns! Great first BBQ of the season. Definately keeping this one in the make every week file.

  13. OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!! I am DROOLING…that just looks sooo danged gum yummy!!!! I think I’m just going to have to get over my fear of baking with yeast and go for it!!!! WOW ….mmmmm….I could so go for a wrap!

  14. Thank you, Kate! This looks like heaven! I am going to make this soon. I love the addition of the herbs.

  15. I’ve been a fan of your blog for several months now – I read it religiously !! Your recipes are always well written and easy to follow and the pictures are yummy-looking ! Your “regular” wrap recipe has become a standard at my house (I’m the only one truly GF) but both DH and DS have tried and liked it. I don’t make bread anymore – I just make wraps !! So much simpler and can be done on a weeknight (with a 4 year old in the house, that’s saying a lot !!). I ran out of potato starch so I used corn starch but they still turned out good. I just used cracked pepper but will use other spices next time. Keep up the good work !!

  16. Kate,
    I finally got around to making this today. I was having one of those “I can’t eat like a normal person, why don’t I like food anymore, everything gets me sick” moments, and I tried this wrap. It literally brought a tear to my eye because, for the first time in a long time, I remembered that I am going to get through this tough stage of learning to be gluten-free and taking charge of my health. I remembered what truly excellent food tasted like. I can never thank you enough for posing recipes that people like me can make, enjoy and savor. Thank you a million times over!

  17. Yes, this looks fabulous. I am going to find time to make it this week! Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. Thanks so much for posting this recipe with such detailed instructions. I adapted it to be natural and low carb, giving you proper credit of course. You have a beautiful GF blog! 🙂

  19. I don’t have millet flour yet, can I substitute somehting else for it?? Also, i don’t have any tapioca starch. Again, can I substitute something for that as well?? This looks so yummy and I can’t wait to try it!

    You can substitute sorghum or even brown rice flour for the millet. However, the texture will be different. As far as the starches go…. hmm.. maybe 50/50 sweet rice flour and cornstarch? or 50/50 potato starch and sweet rice flour? Again – the texture will be different – but it should work.

  20. Well, I made this wrap this evening with your suggestion of 50/50 sweet rice flour and cornstarch for my tapioca starch substitution and used the sorghum for the millet. I’m not sure what the original recipe is suppose to taste like, but holy cow do I LOVE this!!!! It smelled so good as it was baking and I could hardly wait to taste it and was sneaking pieces from the corners as it cooled. The next time I make this I think I’ll spread it on one of my cookie sheets instead of the jelly roll pan in order to make it a bit thinner. I used all of the suggested seasonings and it seemed like allot at first, but by the time I was done my wrap, I didn’t even notice it and I think added to the wrap’s flavor. Awesome recipe!!! Thanks for the substitution suggestions.

  21. I used this to make pizza for my wife, she absolutely loved it. She has been begging me to make it again, although I keep fiddling with the recipe to see if I can get some different results. Next time I make pizza though, I’ll do it this way for her, I’ll fiddle with it some more later.

  22. Kate,
    That sounds fantastic! I always look at that bread in the store and think about how I want it. I am trying it tomorrow.Hope your baby gets there soon.

  23. If it’s so flat and wrap shaped and such, why do you need the yeast? Could this be made yeast free?

    • Did you ever try these without the yeast? Or find out someone who did?

      • Yes, I have tried it without yeast. I found it to be too dense for me. I also replaced the yeast with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder. That helped some.
        Hope that works!

  24. So great. I’ve made it well over a dozen times. Put just cinnamon in and wrapped with bananas and pb. Used as the b est pizza crust ever. Even my picky-poo, pregnant, gluten-eating daughter said it was “rockin!” I have used all kinds of spices and it is yummy each time. Very fast–love that!

  25. Also, I’ve used teff instead of sorghum–excellent. And I used finely ground almond meal in place of the milk powder. Different texture, but really good. It seems this recipe is impossible to screw up. It is my number one gluten free, casein free, cane/artificial sugar free recipe. Thank you!!!!

    • DianeTampa says:

      Deanna, I agree teff is a great substitute. Also am going to add 1-2 T. of cornmeal for a bit of crunch in my next batch.

  26. Sunflower says:

    My husband and I made this, but like with Cindy’s wraps instead of the jelly roll pan we used a cookie sheet lined with parchement paper and then used 8 english muffin rings oiled the insides of them and then dusted a little corn flour on the bottom of each ring then used an ice cream scooper and dropped heaping scoops in each ring and then dusted the top a with a bit more corn flour (a small plastic colinder with small holes, gives a perfect even dust) pressed down each one lightly (use parchement paper to press them) just to make them a little more even. Cooking time is about the same. We also added 1 more tbsp of yeast to give it more of a rise, these make perfect burger type buns. We also mix our flours up, soughum armanath, millet, quinoa, soy, white or brown rice, buckwheat. the 2 best are buckwheat/white rice and then 1/4 cup of flax, or sourghum/millet with either flax or sesame seeds. Thanks for the good food 🙂

  27. Susan Stearns says:

    This is fantastic! I was a bit concerned when I heard about how you spread this out — I thought it was like realtor code for “needs tender loving care.” Instead, it was really easy. I didn’t have the sorghum flour so I substituted oat flour and I was craving caraway so I put in salt, pepper and caraway as my spices. Hot out of the oven I cut it into 4 pieces and made a small wrap sandwich – spread cheese, roasted turkey, and grilled red peppers. It was superb! Then later I used it like pita bread and dipped it into my homemade jalapeno hummus. Thanks or thanks for the recipe!!! It will become a regular in my kitchen!!!

  28. A recipe that appeases my bread cravings as I go GF! I ran to Whole Foods immediately and spent half a mortgage payment on GF baking supplies 🙂 but it was worth it. Couldn’t find sorghum so I used brown rice flour, and a bit more water, and the texture is gummy but not unpleasantly so, if that makes sense. Would that be expected from adding rice flour? Anyway, excellent. I’m trying the coconut cupcakes next!

  29. snowflake says:

    What can I use to substitute the pwrd. buttermilk, can’t use dairy or almonds.
    Can hardly wait to make this.
    Thank you!!

    • You can skip it – it adds protein and moisture. What about adding powdered soy milk or Vance’s Dairy Free (made from potatoes, I’m told)? That might keep the moisture and the proteins.

  30. cynthia says:

    *weeps* OMG my First bendable flatbread!!!!!!

    this was fantastic. i made italian beef in crockpot (chuck roast in beef broth italian spices mega spices) and put chunks of beef dripping in broth from crockpot with a little cheese. Oh my………

    half the flatbread is gone already. i can’t wait to try it plain, with other spices. *ooooh* to have something to wad up in hummus again!!!

  31. I’m trying this today. I somehow ran out of millet (perhaps because it’s my favorite?) and used some Bob’s AP flour mix instead. I used salt, pepper, and rosemary fresh from the yard.

    My kids want to put hotdogs in it! I guess I’ll let them and enjoy it myself with ham, turkey, lettuce from the garden, tomatoes, sprouts…..and whatever else I can find. Yum!

  32. Has anyone tried making these and freezing them? My granddaughter who is gluten-free comes over occasionally and this would be a great thing to have on hand for her for sandwiches. Thanks.

    • Sorry Harriet – one pan lasts only for the day (or two!) that we make it around here. No answer for you on freezing it!

    • I froze a bunch for my DD and it was still perfect. I made 2 double batches for her to take home, frozen, cut up. I divided it out on cookie sheets lines with parchement. Then I took an oiled Pampered Chef dough roller and rolled it to the edges.

  33. Mamasimpson says:

    Thanks for an awesome recipe! I thought I had messed it up because the dough was so soft and hard to spread in pan but it was so good I will be making it again tomorrow for lunch. My GF 5yr old was very happy at dinner tonight.
    Thanks again

  34. snowflake says:

    How about potato flakes, ground up fine, for the pwdrd. milk? Not able to have dairy or almonds also.
    So looking forward to trying this.
    Thank you!!

  35. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou 😉
    I’m new to the world of GF and I was very disheartened with the results I got from the “ready” mixes I’ve found. And just a little more than nervous about baking GF from scratch. (that flour stuff is expensive!!!)
    This recipe and the “original” recipe have been a god send for my 2.5 yr old. So thanks again.
    I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from me soon as I experiment with more of your recipes! 🙂

  36. Hi Kate,
    May I teach your GF Lavash Wrap recipe in one of my classes in Chicago this week? I will say it is from you and give them your blog. I usually use the Breads From Anna Yeast Free Bread Mix for wraps but the store I am teaching at does not carry her mixes. Then I found your recipe. It is terrific! Please let me know if I may publish it and accredit the recipe to you.
    Thanks! Jen Cafferty, Founder, The Gluten Free Cooking Expo

  37. Just made it and it’s awesome! I can’t wait to use it as a pizza crust. Crispy but soft on the inside just like the wheat flour kind I miss so much. Thanks!

  38. I can’t wait to try this wrap recipe but I am having a hard time finding a non-dairy powdered mix. Would better than milk mix work? I am in Fairbanks, Alaska so I am limited to what I can get here.

  39. Hi. I have tried this bread, and it is delicious. However, since making it the first time I have gone off dairy and I was wondering if you could substitute almond meal for the powdered milk?

    • Hi Irene,
      My son is wheat/dairy intolerant so… I’ve never made it with dairy.
      I use 2Tbsp of Almond meal and 2Tbsp Flax meal and a tiny bit more water

  40. This wrap was fantastic, the first time I’ve wrapped my hands around `bread’ since I’ve stopped eating gluten. Thank you!

  41. Terri Schmidt says:

    I bumped into your website (Gluten Free Gobswacked) I write an allergy page for a local food co-op newsletter and I just read the “Gluten Free Sandwich Wrap – Take 3) recipe. It sounds like something my readers would really enjoy. (I can’t have yeast, so I’d have to adapt it for me.) Would you give me permission to print the recipe in one of my monthly articles? I would of course print the source including the website – it might even generate more readers for your website.
    Thank you, Terri S.

  42. Again, great recipe! I’ve made quite a few of your recipes and every one of them are awesome! I make this 2-3 times a week and everyone likes it, much better than any store bought wrap I’ve had! I prefer this over a loaf of bread any day. Taste great as a pizza crust too.

    Thanks again.

  43. Jennifer S. says:

    I modified this slightly by adding 1TBS of psyllium husk and 1/2tsp of hemp flour. YUMMY! Thank you for posting this recipe.

  44. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for posting this! I am new to all of this, and I had purchased a (very expensive!) loaf of rice bread from the store. It was terrible (!), and I was depressed, then I found this, and it is SOOO yummy. It gives me new hope!

    I skip the powdered milk altogether, and now I also substitute one tablespoon baking powder for the yeast, it is a slightly different texture but still works great. The parchment paper works fabulous. Make sure the consistency is more on the wet side like cookie dough, like she says, and not like bread dough. It is important to get the texture right, if there is not enough water it won’t spread properly. Next step is to try it as pizza crust like someone else mentioned. Fabulous!!

  45. hi! This recipe is amazing! My whole family loved the wrap, which we quickly made into tacos. I did make a few adjustments b/c of no corn & no dairy. I used guar gum & 1 T of almond meal instead of dairy powder. Mine seem thicker than your picture, any ideas? I will try to get some nondairy powder and try again. I think I baked it a little long so the outer edges were kind of crispy like pita chips…we loved it. I will definitely make it again specifically for “chips”. One other question, if I may, what (if any) differences do you find between tapioca & potato starch?
    thanks again!!!

  46. Michelle Olejar says:

    Pure genius!! I have been admiring your site for a while and have made a couple of your recipes. I love this bread. I made it today while I had guests over and they loved it too. I even sent home a little package of the dry ingredients with my friend for her to make it herself because she eats gluten and doesn’t have the flours. I will be making this again tomorrow…and no it won’t last a day! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of food. I did do some substitutions on the flours because I didn’t have tapioca and the 50/50 sweet rice & cornstarch worked wonderfully. I also used honey because I don’t have agave. Thanks again…first real bread that tastes good since going gluten free in February.

  47. I love this recipe but have two questions– how did you choose your spice blend? It’s an unusual, but tasty combination.

    Have you tried adding a small part sweet rice flour? I’ve been experimenting with this flour a lot lately and like the chewiness it adds.

    Thanks for all your hard work!!

    • The spices are our typical spices. We adore them. 🙂

      And Sweet Rice Flour is GREAT – but more starchy than a “flour”. If you want to use it, swap it out for some of the starch called for in the recipe and not the whole grain flours. 🙂

  48. One more question- what type yeast?

  49. I just made this and OH MY!! Delicious!! I forgot the yeast in the first batch and I still LOVE IT!! (The second batch is in the oven and has yeast! Can’t wait to compare)

    I made a turkey wrap by spreading some soy cream cheese mixed with fresh garlic on the wrap, then Boars Head turkey, tomato, broccoli slaw, fresh spinach and peppers. Gotta quit typing now so that I can go EAT!!


    • I made this today to try as a substitute for a pita for my daughter who will be home for Christmas. We always make gyros and wasn’t going to if she couldn’t have it. I thought it was GREAT. I added Pampered Chefs Rosemary herb seasoning as she loves that. I can see her having this for pizza crust, Indian tacos anything she used bread for. I think (if she likes as much as I think she will) I’ll make up a bunch of dry mixes in baggies for her. She has olive oil and cider vinegar so can whip this up in a hurry as she’s a busy grad student.

      Has anyone used Pamper Chef stones for GF baking after they used it with regular flour? I was wondering if there would be a problem. I didn’t think so but to be safe have been using parchment paper on my stones or metal pans.

  50. I made this recipe yesterday (and again today). Its amazing. I substituted 2 tablespoons of the water with my husband’s organic soy coffee creamer. Cut the agave back to 1 teaspoon and omitted the powdered milk. The second time I added two cloves minced garlic and oregano instead of the spices. I could eat this bread for every meal. I am going to try it as a breakfast wrap with eggs, etc., make pizza and eat sandwiches again!!! Thanks for making me feel like I am eating normal again.

    • I have found that this wrap can be frozen and is almost as good as when it went in the freezer. I laid it on a piece of plastic wrap and put another on top and just rolled it up. Placed it in a freezer bag and stuck it in the freezer. A couple of weeks later, I took it out of the freezer and let it sit until it was thawed. It made a wonderful sandwich. I am so excited to have something that I can make ahead and freeze for those days we need something quick. Yeah!!

  51. WOW. Can I nominate you for an award, perhaps saint-hood? This bread ROCKED! It actually held together, was chewy NOT gummy, and tasted good! A++ Even my snobby European boyfriend liked it, and he usually turns up his nose at my bread-ish concoctions.

    For those without milk powder, I did half 2% for the liquid plus 1 Tb almond meal and 1 Tb flax seeds and it worked great.

  52. Michelle Olejar says:

    Still making this awesome bread as my son and I love it! I have a question for you, do you think this could be modified to make flour tortilla replacement? I am still looking for a GOOD tasting, good texture tortilla recipe and this has the texture and the taste but is oven baked vs. rolling out and pan frying. I am not a pro with the whole water to starch/flour ratio thing and am wondering if you had thought about this in that application. I so miss flour tortillas and haven’t quite embraced the corn ones unless they are deep fried. Any input would be appreciated. You are awesome~ Thanks!

    • Flour tortilla recipe:
      Michelle here is the one I’ve been using that my daughter thinks is really good. They are a pain to roll out as most GF doughs but fry up nice.

      I keep mine in a damp towel while I fry all of them and was able to freeze them and they came out nice. I made Quesadia’s with them, didn’t try to roll.

      • I just made these using the CucinoPro Flatbread maker that presses and cooks tortillas at the same time. I had to dust my hands with a bit of extra flour to be able to roll out balls of dough but it worked GREAT!! The recipe as written made 4 medium sized “tortillas”. I plan to try without the yeast since they cook so quick in the press and don’t need to rise.

  53. Has anyone tried a version without xanthan gum? I’m wondering if a little ground flax or chia slurry might do well enough in its place.

  54. Shannon Chalden says:

    Thanks for this incredible recipe! It is a great alternative to sandwich bread and it tastes wonderful!

  55. Just made this with eggplant caponata and roast chicken… THANK YOU!!!! It’s wonderful!

  56. I made this today and the flavor was great, but I did something wrong. When I tried to spread the dough it was very elastic and I had many holes in the dough. It was very hard to work with. I have made an earlier edition of this wrap and I have not had any problems. Do you have any idea what I might have done wrong?

  57. This is a great recipe! Perfect solution to gluten free sanwiches! Very versitile recipe also. Thanks!

  58. I just have to say that I’ve been LOVING this recipe. I discovered accidentally that if you leave out the xanthan gum entirely, and don’t replace it with guar or anything, the bread is more flexible and rolls better. It rises less, but rolls beautifully. I don’t know what actual Lavash Bread tastes like, as it’s something I never had before (recently) going GF, so I have nothing to compare this to, but I love it anyway.

    I was making the recipe from memory (that’s how often I’ve made this recently), and I forget the gum, and added 2 TABLESPOONS of oil by mistake – and it was FANTASTIC. It was a bit too oily, but I fixed that by flipping the bread partway through baking and letting the other side “dry off” a bit, and I think I baked the whole thing for about 20 minutes total, but it was sooooo good. I like a dill weed/garlic powder combo for seasoning. 🙂 I’ve also been doing the adding more water thing, so the dough pours, so that may be the reason for the damp bread, but as I said, flipping it fixed it. THANK YOU for this recipe!! 🙂

  59. GJohnson39 says:

    I just found your site yesterday while searching for GF/lo carb menu ideas. I got so excited by this recipe for lavash bread that I made a batch immediately. I didn’t have millet or sorghum flour on hand, so substituted garbanzo fava flour (we have no reactions here) and brown rice flour for them. I had some Penzey’s Italian dressing mix on hand, so added that as a flavoring instead of the herbs listed. WOW!

    I baked half the batch as you suggested. I fried the other half on a griddle – I think I like that cooking technique even better. The results were thinner, flatter, and ended up looking more like store bought (which helps me pass GF dishes off to the rest of the family).

    I made wraps for my girls this morning using the bread, some Boar’s Head Turkey, julienned cucumbers and carrots, spinach leaves and homemade wasabi mayo. Both have texted me (one from school – tisk tisk, the other from the beach where she works) raving – neither one knew their wrap was GF. Proof positive GF eating can be delicious!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  60. Thank you thank you, your blog is a blessing, I am just starting to eat Gluten free TODAY and already feel overwhelmed by all the things I cannot have. So am now going to study your recipes and try them one by one. I am sure I was meant to stumble upon your blog, and am so thankful. xxx Nicola from Cape Town.

  61. Hello, is there any way to replace the agave nectar with something. I am allergic to it
    Thank you:)

  62. This recipe is fantastic! I did find that 1 1/2X recipe amounts still fits on large baking sheet. A trick for rolling out smoother and more even is this: place batter on parchment paper, spray lightly (mist) with oil and then place another sheet of parchment on top. Then using rolling pin, roll out smoothly and evenly and place on baking sheet.

    Leave the top parchment on during first 5-7 minutes of baking, and after that it will easily lift right off. It naturally separates from dough as the dough bakes. I loved the look of the edges better doing it this way.

    I didn’t have ground fennel so left that out and taste was great! The second time I made it I used the salt and pepper and added granulated garlic, dried basil and dried oregano…really good!

    Will definitely make this again and again and pass along to others. thanks for the great recipe.

    • For those interested in 1 1/2X recipe amounts, here it is:

      6 Tablespoons EACH: sorghum, millet, potato starch, tapioca starch
      3 T. powdered buttermilk
      1 T. xanthan gum
      4 1/2 teaspoons instant dry yeast
      1 C. + 2 Tablespoons warm water
      2 1/4 teaspoons agave
      1 1/2 teaspoons oil
      1 1/2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
      1 1/4 teaspoons EACH: salt, pepper (I actually only used 1/4 t. gr. blk. pepper), granulated garlic, dried basil and dried oregano

      This larger recipe pretty much filled up my 20″x14″ baking sheet. See instructions in my previous post about technique to roll out between two sheets of parchment paper for smooth and even wraps!

      Since I’m going to be making this again and again, I made up a flour/buttermilk/xanthan gum baking mix so next time all I do is for each 1 1/2 C. mix, use the amounts for remaining ingred. above.

  63. Now that I’m obsessed with this recipe and use it as my go-to for sandwiches, I figured I would drop you a comment to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing it! I recently returned to a gluten-free, dairy-free diet and have been gazing longingly at lavash bread in the grocery store. My favorite is Di Lusso’s cracked black pepper turkey lunchmeat, spinach, a little red onion, avocado, sometimes sprouts/tomato/mayo…yummo. I still need to try it as a pizza crust, breakfast sandwich/wrap, hamburger bun, etc. So versatile!

    I do find that it’s hard for me to spread it perfectly even, so I do end up with some crispy edges sometimes before the middle is done, but the crispy edges are good! When that happens, I just cut it like bread slices rather than wrapping it.

    Thanks again for sharing your recipe!

  64. Can’t wait to try this wrap. My son is allergic to potato so can I use arrowroot in place of the potato starch

  65. Marion Huffman says:

    What is agave nectar?Is there a substitute for this

  66. I had a problem that I see no one else had with a total of 1c dry ingredients +powdered milk etc and 3/4 c warm water I got this runny thin dough…what did I do wrong?

  67. lulumacmur says:

    I made the whole Grain sandwich wrap bread last night. Just simply excellent! Great out of the oven with shrimp salad and white wine and strawberries. Superb, and a more intense spiciness the next morning with eggs. Thanks!

  68. Hi, i would love to try this recipe but I live in Ireland and can not get potato or tapioca starch here, is there anything else I could use? Thanks

  69. This recipe is fantastic! I’ve been making it weekly for a month and it always comes out perfect. THANK YOU!!!

  70. Thank you!!!!! I made this with herbs de Provence and extra rosemary ….. So yummy!!!

  71. Fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing. Taste and texture are great.

  72. Can I use active dry yeast instead of the fast acting yeast? If so, does the measurement change at all? Thanks!


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