Longing to be with them…

Longing to be with them…, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Well, my in-laws have left and my family is far away. The house that held 8 people and my pup is now just filled with the pup and us again.

Poor guy. He’s so bored with just me around the house!

When we were on the beach the other day, I took the pup for a walk. He spent the entire walk looking over his shoulder toward his dad and our 6-year-old niece. To heck with me! Geesh. I couldn’t even take his picture (as seen above) because he was too busy watching them play and fly a kite. LOL

After a lovely visit from family, I’m now just picking up the pieces. And reading a million awesome recipes from my GF blogger buddies. OH MY – the BBQ recipes are too die for! I can’t wait to try them all! (I will get a BBQ Round Up post done soon.)

For now, forgive me while I catch up. 🙂 I’m reclaiming my dog. LOL

And what am I eating?
Well, we’ve found a great HUGE Korean market not too far from here where we’ve stopped in to pick up some new (types of) melons and ingredients. The house has been filled with experimental cooking and comfort foods. I’m munching on turkey sandwiches, Rainier cherries and white peaches (which are best eaten crunchy, like an apple, IMHO).

Tomorrow? I shall play around with pineapple and shrimp. I’m thinking of using the center of the pineapple as skewers for shrimp kabobs… think it will work?

What new foods are you trying this summer?
Do tell! I’m up for an adventure with you too!


  1. Cassandra says:

    I’m going to try diabetic friendly – failed my gestational diabetes testing yesterday. But I think it will be alright. I already have some “whole grain” things in mind. 🙂

    Oh Cassandra! I’m sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I *know* once you go GF, you can do ANYTHING (diet-wise!). Please tell me more (I’ll email) and let’s see what I can do too! – Kate

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