Gluten Free Menu Swap – August 4, 2008

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

This week instead of just planning our evening meals, I’m also gearing up to go back to school. This means that the “Back to School” sections at Target are no longer making me flee (like they did in July… especially on July 3rd when the sales flyers came out! OH MY!! Back to school??? I’d only been OUT of school for a week by then! lol).

Ah well. I still have time to finish reading that 10th Grade English list. Egads is it killing me! I’ve had nightmares (Thank you, Lord of the Flies), developed paranoia (Thank you, 1984) and questioned my family and destiny (Thank you, Oedipus). Gosh. Can’t wait to see what comes next. Well… not so much. The next book – while everyone swears it is their favorite – has so far left me sound asleep by page 13. That can’t be a good sign, can it?

So in honor of my need for more brain food to outwit these last few novels and readings, I’m attempting to fill our weekly menu with more fish and omega-3s. I’d love to hear what your ideas are for upping my staying power…. when the reading JUST won’t keep me glued in.

What are your study-snacks?
What are your brain foods?
What do you feed your kids – or eat! – during those times when you need a little more mental power?

I’m putting together a list of goodies for my students too this year. I usually spend some time talking to them about studying (how to, etc) and practice at home. This year we’re going to chat about their favorite study snacks and plans. I’m impressed by the fact that the majority of my students are super smart about what they eat – healthy drinks (mostly water!) and snacks are usually what I see. But I’m curious to see what they will call “study food” or what they eat before tests/finals.

Thanks for hosting the GF Menu Swap, Natalie! I’m also posting this to the Menu Plan Monday group that I found via Seamaiden at Book Of Yum. I’m looking forward to inspiration from everyone else’s menus to carry me through the school year a bit too! 🙂

I’m sorry my post is a bit tardy. I have been contemplating my menu for a while. The ingredient Natalie suggested we include this week is mint. I’m not really a big mint fan, to be honest. However, I do enjoy it in the brown rice salad (along with dill) and I will make mint-lemonade, lavender-mint lemonade and raspberry-mint-lemonades for our evening meals in honor of the chosen ingredient.

Along with those delicious beverages to replace our banned-beloved Coke/Diet Cokes, we will be making:

Monday: Grilled ginger salmon with brown rice salad (with mint and dill).
Baked Falafel in Pita/Wrap Sandwiches

Tuesday: Grilled chicken with roasted cauliflower.

Wednesday: Cherry burgers with Strawberry-spinach salad.

Thursday: Grilled pork loin, zuchini and sweet potatoes

Friday: Miso-glazed brown rice onigiri with salmon and tuna

Happy Gluten-Free Eating, All!


  1. My favorite brain foods are salmon, homemade almond butter, Elana’s Power Bars (from Elana’s Pantry), dagoba chocodrops with dried cherries, and fresh fruit!

  2. Lemonade and onigiri….if that were on my menu this week I’d be in heaven. Those are two very crave-worthy foods.

  3. Cassandra says:

    Oedipus Rex is a bit freaky, isn’t it? Well, the other two are also, for that matter. I once caught Braden looking at a copy of Lord of the Flies – it went straight to the top shelf after that, I assure you.
    Don’t forget – Big Brother is Watching You.

    Try a spinach smoothie for a pick-me-up.

  4. YUM-O! Sounds GREAT! =)
    I want to come over in eat with yall!!! lol

    I’m new this week too! I love it! I had so much fun and I’ve had so much fun going around checking out what everyone else is making!!!!!

  5. I love to snack on dried fruit and raw nuts/seeds. I also find that if I eliminate all chips in my house and have a delicious dip and cut up veggies, I’ll eat those when I have the munchies. Ginger tea is my brain food. I have a list that I use during exam time, but I’ll have to find it so that I can share.

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