An Easter Basket for the Chicklet

A nearly Wordless Wednesday.

Still no set date for the arrival of the Chicklet and OH MAN is *this* the hardest part for us. Falling in love with a little girl who is so far away and then helplessly waiting. It’s absolutely heavy-heart time around here.

So yesterday I got her an Easter basket. (Okay… I probably picked it up for me as a “pick-up-your-heart and keep-moving” momento.)

The dog checked it out with a loving sniffle too. 

Max meets the Chicklet's basket


And yes, the sewing machine is still up.  (Aren’t you proud, Mom?)  I have a growth chart that I’m trying to figure out how to make.  (Appliqué, anyone?  Ay!  Making the pattern part is killing me!)

~Happy Wednesday all –


  1. So very cute, Kate! (I can’t believe the Easter stuff is already out. I saw it when I was getting my Valentine’s Day supplies.) If you are in your own house, my suggestion is to skip the growth chart and just mark her height on a door facing or some place where it won’t get painted over. Our son’s is on our porch post marked in pencil and will be there forever. No stitching required. 😉 Not much longer now for you guys. You can make it. The waiting pain will be replaced by pure joy soon! Have you been doing those things on your 28-day list? That was a “to do” list, remember?


  2. Holly-Mommy to Colby and Haylie says:

    Trust me waiting is never easy no matter how you are getting your baby! When I was preggo with my son I decided to take vacation time 3 weeks early so I could have my house all ready then went almost 4 WEEKS over due. I was so huge and fat that I couldn’t move and literally sat around for 7 weeks playing cards and getting fatter. At least you can continue to do things and get ready and you wont have stretch marks from your neck to your knees. You will have her soon and you wont need to have her cut out 🙂 You will always have your story to tell her and she will know how much she was wanted.

  3. Holly-Mommy to Colby and Haylie says:

    BTW we move a lot so I picked a cabinet that I knew we would never get rid of and use the side of that to do our measuring.

  4. Well it’s a girl’s perogative to look good and having perfect hair goes a long way to getting the right look!

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