Bah… starting over ….

This week an absurb heat wave melted my brain, took away my sanity and forced us to seek shelter in a local hotel.  Really .  Our house was so hot, neither the Chicklet nor I were sane by the time my sweet Love returned from work.  The following morning, I checked in to a hotel.  Our first move at the hotel?  Crack the air conditioner to artic blast and ooohhh-ahhhh at the frosty cool air that blew in our faces.  Oh yea, the Chicklet is an air-conditioning lover too.

Sadly, upon returning home and setting up for some serious make up blog posting… I realized that the heat wave did more than ruin our budget… but my recipe notebook/spiral was toast.  A goner.  In the garbage….. and dead.  All before I could copy back the recipes I used.  The one I think I will miss the most is for these fabulous green onion pancakes.

GF:  Green Onion Pancakes

If you’ve never had a scallion pancake, then you don’t know what you missed out on.  But these faux-scallion pancakes were OMG-delicious.  Even the babe was at my feet hovering for bites as I cooked these individually.

Munching on GF Green Onion Pancakes

Losing that notebook means I also lost my notes for:

some seriously chow-friendly and budget-friendly taco salad mixings

GF Taco Salad Mix

delicious gluten-free zuchini breakfast pancakes

GF:  Zuchini pancakes

wickedly finger-licking gluten-free beer braised lamb shanks

Gluten Free Beer-braised lamb shank with carrots

and one rendition of my go-to salmon chowder recipe.

Mommy Meal:  Salmon Chowder Lunch (Gluten free, of course)

Ah, well.  Guess it’s time to start over with a new notebook, huh?  And the imp?  She’s happy to begin her taste-testing follies all over again, I’m sure.

I would talk...but my mouth is full of zuchini pancake.

Forgive my absence.  I’ll be back again shortly with more recipes… and another lunch-idea list because now I’m packing for THREE!  A regular, A GF Lite and a Kidlet version to boot!

~Happy Heat Wave, All!


  1. We, too, took refuge in a hotel from the heat. I’m sorry to hear about your notebook, but I’m sure you’ll recreate and come back better than ever.

    Keep cool

  2. friedlieke says:

    Oh, that’s a bummer ! But hey, time to let your creativity shine 😉

  3. OMG! Please, please, please redo the green onion pancake recipe!! I miss them sooo much!

    I had a cheat’s version that I used for years with Trader Joes’ tortillas (they were really thin) but it doesn’t work with the rice tortillas.

  4. What a bummer Kate! I’m so sorry about your notebook.

    Things can only get better…

    Cinde ~ Gluten Free Taste of Home

  5. That sucks! And those pancakes look delicious! I love scallion pancakes. At least in my former gluten life I did. Good to know there are some good gluten-free versions out there…even if the recipe is lost for now.

    But those pictures are the cutest ever!

  6. gluten free steve says:

    Oh man, hang in there. The Chicklet is adorable!!

  7. Wow, I had heard about your heat wave, but didn’t know it meant leaving home for some. And, bummer on the loss of the recipe notebook. These pancakes look yummy! And, I can never get enough pics of the Chicklet. 🙂


  8. Ooh, sorry about that. Steve Wangen was telling me yesterday about how much he loves going to work right now – because his office has air conditioning.
    I’ve never had a scallion pancake, but I’d love to try one.

  9. Heat survival tip: buy a window air conditioner for your bedroom! They aren’t that expensive, you get a good night’s sleep and you can find all sorts of reasons to pop in there to cool off!

  10. All of the above look absolutely delicious – looking forward to the recipes & stay cool!

  11. Hang in there. I wanted to say thanks for inspiring so many of us with great gluten free food, and an upbeat attitude around living gluten free.

    I posted an award for you over at my blog 🙂


  12. Kate, I think we all feel the loss of your notebook! I am looking forward to reading about your new creations. In the mean time here is my favorite pizza recipe to help you until your new spiral notebook gets up and cooking. All you need is 4 oz of soft goat cheese, 2 fresh Roma tomatoes which I slice up into thin pieces, a large green bell pepper, and ½ cup Calamaya olives (pitted and chopped), then chop up ½ cup of dried tomatoes. I put all the ingredients on an Napoli herb Rustic Crust ( and bake it at 425 for about 9 minutes. Good luck. And stay in the kitchen but out of the heat!!!!

    • Kate! sorry I used the wrong email address I just started a new account! If you need to email me use the one in the previous post! -bj

  13. Rosie Newman says:

    This is a great site. Wow, you really are helping people with this information. There is a lady I help out and she is an author and she also interviews companies and reviews GF products etc. I think you two should definitely hook up. She actually refers other helpful GF bloggers and sites on her gluten free blog and her gluten free site too. Let me know if you’d like to hook up and I can let her know. I think she would be interested in referring your site. Would you be interested in referring hers too? Thanks, Rosie

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