I love the fiiiiiiiiiiiissssssshhhh!

Okay people… I just had to do it. I had to show you this girl-hair-challenge-mom’s photo of her two loves enjoying the fish at the Seattle Aquarium. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at an aquarium in my life – OH, how the Chicklet LOVED it! We spent our Moon Festival weekend out and about in Seattle and boy, did we have fun.

I have a couple of posts in the works – Wild Rice with Wild Mushrooms, etc and a few baking ones too. This week I chatted away on the phone while making Pumpkin-Apple muffins and completely forgot to add the baking powder or baking soda. Umm… yea. I made some unbelievably delicious Pumpkin-Apple blobs, though. LOL. Once these are gone, I’ll make a “real” batch with ALL of the ingredients and take some pictures for you.

I’m working on a list of easy-peasy school night dinners that we’ve been getting together too. So far, we are back to menu planning – saving money, time and hunger meltdowns (mine… not the Chicklet’s), etc. It’s been fun to develop the menu ideas with my Love who truly is the better cook between the two of us. I just enjoy it more. See? There is a reason why we commit to our partners after all! (KIDDING!)

Okay… I’m off to pick up Zoe. I can’t even describe how much I miss her during the day sometimes. Leaving work to go pick her up is almost as adrenaline pumping as seeing her. It means I know I only have a few short miles to drive before she will crawl up in to my arms and say “Ooooooooooooooooooomma!!” (or “Mama”) with glee.

Oh! I love them so!

Happy mid-week – sorry I missed the Wednesday photo post… but here she is. (Bad pigtails and all!)

And… hey… if you have any “Girl-Hair” tips, feel free to leave them in the comments. My poor child is growing up with a Girl-Hair-Challenged mom. It’s sad! 🙂



  1. The chicklet is darling!! Love the pony tails…while she is young she can get away with silly stuff.

  2. In our case my two daughter’s hair became much more manageable when we finally did away with the bangs. it was easier to section off part of or all of it when the bang pieces weren’t getting in the way. The over all look of the baby fine hair, was thicker as well, and we didn’t miss the frequent trimming that bangs need. Either way, Zoe is beautiful!! Enjoy the fun pony tails while you can!

  3. I agree with not having bangs. I have been a cosmetologist for 9 years and so many times stylist cut way tooooo many bangs. Instead of taking just what falls naturally forward they end up cutting bangs half of the way back on top of their cute little heads. This leaves the sides too thin to style at all. I suggest a cute little bob and let it grow with her. Everything will be even and look thicker as it fills in. She is a doll! Invest in a great leave in detangler and it will save you so much grief in the future. Check out your local Sally Beauty Supply if you have one. Good luck!

  4. Love love love!

    Her hair is adorable. She’s a beautiful happy child with the best hair-Mom in the world 🙂

    Hey, what do I know? I have a boy.

    XOXO Ging

  5. Oh, she’s a cutie … the pigtails are fun! So glad she enjoyed the aquarium. Even now, I can’t pass up visiting any aquarium. We have two in our house. The smaller one was actually my wedding present from Mr. GFE. I still love it. It’s full of guppies and a plecostomus right now. Want to start an aquarium for Zoe? I need to give away some of these guppies … very pretty … fancy tails, multi-colored, etc. 😉


  6. Julie in Redmond says:

    I am half Chinese and was adopted in the 1970s by Caucasian parents in a suburb of Detrot. My hair stood up all over the place, and my mom had no clue what to do with it. Her solution? Well, for the first 2 years or so of my life, most photos of me show me wearing a white sailor’s hat! LOL! It was my uncle’s; he had been in the navy! I actually still have the hat. My uncle, who was also my godfather, was very touched when I told him that.

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog and even though I’m not gluten free I love it. Your chickpea fry recipe sounds especially lip smacking good.

  8. This is such a precious picture. My kids are 10 & 13 and still love the Aquarium.

    Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

  9. Doesn’t the photo say it all… every pixel just radiates the love you have for them! How sweet and adorable is this unruly baby hair of hers! My 2 year old daughters hair (still blonde but getting darker) is highly unmanageable and just as curly LOL but we can’t bear to cut it so she sort of looks wild all the time, and it suits her too 😉

  10. Have no fear, kid hair is easier to deal with as they get older! I am the same, very girl-hair-challenged! 🙂 When my girl was littler, her hair looked much like your chicklet’s! Pigtails, little bits of hair puffs up in ponytails, sometimes just one on the top of her head to keep her hair away from her face! Now that she’s older and her hair has become thicker, it has become easier! My favorite standby is the reliable ponytail! Ever so cute, it can be played up with fancy ribbons or ponytail holders, placed on top of the head, behind, or on the side if we’re feeling fancy. She loves throwing in a headband, too! The worst part of the whole thing is she despises having her hair brushed, but we’re doing better with that. Enjoy it now, while you can, because one day she won’t need you or want you to do her hair, she’ll be stylin’ it herself! 🙂

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