Running away on Valentine’s Day

Running away on Valentine’s Day, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Okay… it’s finally happening! My Love, the Chicket and i are taking off for a night away from home. First time in AGES that we are leaving the house for an overnight.

Our destination: Portland, Oregon!

A little shopping, visiting with friends we haven’t seen in ages, celebrating Lunar New Year, and checking out some few parts of Portland that we haven’t seen yet.

So…. here’s the question: I know where to get some KILLER gluten free fried cheese curds (don’t ask.. just eat them with JOY!) and some GREAT gluten free fish/chips… BUT…. come on people: What else is out there for me to enjoy in Portland?

Got a Portland Gluten Free tip for me?
Hit me up in the comments section!

I’m packing the camera and looking for gluten free adventure!
What would you do or where would you go for a Gluten Free Valentine’s Dinner in Portland? Or a Gluten free brunch/lunch the day after?

THANKS for your help!
I’m so excited to have this adventure with my family.

Gesssh… ya think I have mid-winter cabin fever yet?


PS.  We are staying in the Pearl District, if that helps.  The hotel will give us free streetcar tickets for the two days we are in town and free parking (!Yeah on the free parking!).  What adventure should we have with the Chicklet?  Any suggestions for that too?


  1. Um, can you tell ME where to get those cheese curds? I’ve not heard of that!

    First things first, you should definitely stop by New Cascadia Traditional Bakery at lunchtime and have yourself some incredible pizza, and a cookie or a cupcake or a sweet treat of some kind. Their pizza and sweets are out of this world. I’d take a pass on most of the breads, though.

    If you want a fancy romantical V-day dinner, a good place to go is Andina. They have a whole separate gluten-free menu and everything is just so creative and yummy. DON’T skip dessert here!

    If you find yourself in the Pearl District and are in the mood for some vegetarian fare, Prasad is new and really tasty. They are totally gluten-free except for wheat tortillas, and they have a luscious assortment of GF baked goods, plus some really yummy, healthy entrees and smoothies.

    Have a wonderful time in our fair city! It’s a great place to be gluten-free.

    • Fried Cheese Curds are at Hawthorne Fish House:

      • Ohhhhhh, somehow I’ve missed that on the menu when I’ve gone there! I’ll have to make that a part of my order next time….

        (And seriously, don’t get pizza anywhere but New Cascadia. There is a lot of mediocre GF pizza in Portland – New Cascadia’s blows it all out of the water. It is indistinguishable from “real” pizza.)

  2. Where, oh where is there gluten-free fish and chips in PDX??? I used to live there, and still visit friends, and would LOVE some. Please tell!!

  3. I haven’t been yet, but Horn of Africa responded to my inquiries with great info, and were even willing to make me some teff and rice bread to enjoy with my meal if I told them in advance:

    There are lots of pizza places, including Bellagios, and Picazzos in Sellwood.

    Also in Sellwood, Thai Mango has made me GF thai food several times with no problem, they even checked the ingredients on their rice paper to make me some spring rolls, and the food is fresh and tasty. It’s quiet, and in a sweet little corner of portland – my favourite neighborhood.

    The Coffee Plant, on Corbett next door to the fish house, has the BEST baked goods I’ve had here yet. Everything there is GF, and way worth it.

    DesChutes brewery in the Pearl has a great gf menu, including gf beer on tap! They even have chicken wings! Their staff knows their stuff, and will take great care of you. I went there for my birthday dinner. And several times since.

    Check out the gfportland blog at for more info!

    If I weren’t mired in school and midterms, I would say come eat at MY house! But hopefully I can catch you on another, more mundane occasion! Have a wonderful time here! Check out the zoo, and if it’s a clear day, DO take the tram up to OHSU. The view is unparalleled.

  4. Gluten free beer at Deschutes!!!!

    and I second going to New Cascadia – they aren’t open on Sundays, though, so plan accordingly.

  5. Kelly Sweazea says:

    Oh Portland has so many great GF places! One of the best info sites is ! I second the Andina recommendation, it is a little pricey but SO wonderful! The GF beer @ Deschutes is great, they also make a wonderful GF hamburger bun for your burger. The website is great, and the owner would be glad to give you recommendations if you have a specific food craving! 🙂

    Have fun!

  6. Gluten free fish and chips can be found at Hawthorne Fish House or Corbett Fish House.

    I hear that Deschutes also has GF Hamburgers. Can’t wait to try that!

    Check out for a list of GF friendly restaurants in Portland.

    Bob’s Red Mill is a great stop, too.

    Have fun!

  7. Andina is the best. So delicious. You should also try Picazzos if you want pizza. I love their pizza plus they have GF breadsticks, croutons, etc. Burgervilles usually have a dedicated fryer so if you are in the mood for fries you can go there for a treat. Have fun. Portland has a few great spots for eating GF.

  8. OMGOSH – I’m going to be an even CHUNKIER MONKEY after a mere 24 hours in Portland.

    I keep having this fantasy of Portland having a GF donut shop…. am I delusional (or more than normal) or does this place truly exist?

    And thanks for the tips on where to go with the Chicklet. The ZOO sounds PERFECT!

    Keep those ideas coming!


  9. glutenfreesteve says:

    I just got back from there. You MUST go to New Cascadia Bakery. Amazing gf food (pizzas, soft pretzels, muffins, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls). We had a great gf meal at Deschutes Brewery and Corbett Fish House. I was told the coffee shop next to Corbett’s has gf treats, too. Have fun!!

  10. I double-triple recommend New Cascadia! Fabulous bakery, and now they have GF pizza/beer/wine on certain evenings (about once per month?). Andina too – FANTASTIC! And for loads of other options check out:
    And don’t forgot Bob’s Red Mill 🙂

  11. Gluten free cheese curds?! I’m so jealous!!!

  12. Amy Lineburg says:

    I live in Costa Rica now, but Portland is my old stomping ground! Enjoy it for me!!!! Especially the GF PIZZA at Mississippi Pizza!! (3552 North Mississippi Av. (503) 288-3231)

  13. Annie Denn says:

    I am so far away from you, but with you in spirit. Have some killer fish and chips for me – I could so eat that right now. That’s one thing I really miss. Have a great time.

  14. Cheese curds sound wonderful! Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  15. Inquire with BookOfYum – she travels the Northwest somewhat regularly and has reviews on her blog. Sorry – can’t recall if it’s Portland or not.

  16. I live NO WHERE near Portland, but just wanted to wish you a great time!!

  17. Denise Biencourt says:

    you should stop by the Bob’s red mill store in Milwaukie. they have TONS of gluten free items that are absolutely awesome. thank god I live close to this store. you could spend hours there. they have a deli but I’m not sure they serve gluten free food there.

  18. I’m going to jump on the bandwagon with Deschutes! We went to Portland for our honeymoon in July, and it was wonderful (also just before my official gf diagnosis, so the day we went to Deschutes was an eye-opening meal of happiness.)
    We’re looking forward to heading back to Portland in the near future, so I’m looking forward to trying out what everyone else has suggested!

  19. Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my…. Why did I ever move away??? Oh, yeah, The Male’s job. Right. Gotta pay the bills. But, oh my.
    I already missed the fabric shops something fierce. Now this.
    I already make a stop at Bob’s every time I’m in town. I keep waiting to be stopped at PDX security: “Um, mam, just what is all this white powder in all these plastic bags? Hummm?”
    “Really, officer, it’s just rice flour. And, cornstarch. Maybe a little tapioca starch. Really.”
    I think I need to schedule another visit. Soon. The Male is laughing at me. But, he can eat fish and chips any ol’ time he chooses….

  20. The Grilled Cheese Grill “food cart” (its in a school bus!) on 11th and Alberta has GF bread for any of there Grilled Cheese except the Chessus Burger….…. Have Fun here:)

    • OH MY! A GRILLED CHEESE? You are kidding, right?
      Seriously… my heart beats faster at the thought of a tasty grilled cheese in a restaurant!
      (Aren’t I silly and easy to please? It’s so true though! LOL)

  21. We were up there for new years and went to OBA (YUM YUM) they have what they call a wheat free menu, which works for me. You can look at the menu under menus >> special
    It was DELISH and fun too.

  22. Hope I’m not too late to tell you to go to The Whole Bowl in Portland. There are several locations… one being a food cart. You’ll be SO happy if you do… brown rice, avocado, olives, cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, and some other stuff w/ a secret sauce TO DIE FOR!!!


  23. I’m so sorry I missed your post! I just love living in a city with lots of gf options and folks that understand how to feed you safely and oh so tastily (yes, I’ll just make up that word). The next time you’re back in the Rose City, here are a few more places to check out 🙂
    Oba! is fantastic and where my husband proposed. We’ve been there a few times and the food and service have always been exceptional. Anytime I’ve had a question about ingredients, they’ve always checked and have been more than accomodating with substitutions.
    Keana’s Kandyland has baked goods that are pretty tasty.
    Radio Room has gluten-free notations on their menu and the kitchen staff is very well versed in gluten-free preparations as the GM’s sister and nephew (I think) need to eat gf.
    Also, try to swing by Laurel’s Sweet Treats in Tigard. She’s typically only open on Saturdays but she makes the best buns (cheese and garlic/onion are my favorites) that I use for sandwiches, burgers, etc.

    • OH! I would have checked them all out! My poor Love and the Chicklet definitely toured Portland for the GF tummy those two days!
      Sadly, we went to Deschutes for burgers (would have been my first in 10 years with a bun!! in a restaurant) and they RAN OUT OF GF BUNS! BAH! LOL
      Ah well. Live and learn. (ie = CALL AHEAD and reserve a bun! LOL)

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