Happy Birthday, Baby!

Two! Two! Two!, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Today you are two!

You’ve been our baby since our dreams collided and brought you home.

You are an absolute joy and you make us happy everyday.

May each year of life bring you happiness, adventure, good health, great friends, and time to love it all.

We adore you, our child!
Mama and Baba


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!She is soo cute.Love the hair!!!
    I have been foloving your blog from begining..but do not leave comments untill I heard about your pregnancy….well we cried (me & my daughter).Wish You all the best!!!!

    • Thanks, Niskka –
      It’s certainly been an adventurous year + in our house and things aren’t slowing down yet!

  2. I could just squeeze her and squeeze her! She just looks like she is ready to take a leap!

    One question: you sign off “Mama and Baba.” In our family, we used “Baba” as a euphemism for “Obasan” which means, Grandmother (right?) in Japanese. So, what does it mean here?

  3. I found your blog while searching for gluten free vegetarian recipe for my relatives. What a coincidence! We also adopted a girl last year and she just turned 2 years old. Happy family day & birthday to your lovely one!!

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