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Goodies from Nuts Online

One of the interesting aspects about blogging that I never really thought about was the opportunity to try new products.  Sometimes manufacturers or publishers contact us to inquire if we would like to try their products – in an genius effort to get some PR from our possible blog posts about their products.  I have a couple recipe books that I will give away next month for Celiac Awareness thanks to these promotions – so we are all going to win from their generosity. 😀  (Gotta love that!)

Before I went into the hospital for Rory, I was contacted by Nuts Online to see if I was interested in reviewing their GF products.  I told them that the post might take a while for me to put together.  After all, there’s another priority in the house as if the Chicklet wasn’t enough!  They still wanted to have me try their goodies.  And boy, am I glad I did!  They sent a box of numerous tasties in PERFECT sizes for me to make lunch for the Chicklet and I and STILL have a little taste for my Love when he came home.

Two of the items they included were millet and quinoa.  There are perfectly easy for me with a newborn in the house as I could just pop it into a rice cooker with some seasonings and broth and walk away.  The rice cooker isn’t a fire worry for me if I flake out like the gas stove is AND it will keep it warm until I get a chance to eat something.  The protein from the quinoa and the vitamin rich millet are definitely the right kind of nutritional boosts that I need too.  (Unlike the chocolate bar hiding out in my purse or my left arm… both of which look like they might be tasty when I’m starving!)

In addition to millet and quinoa, Nuts Online also sent out some Chile-Lime Pistachios (yum!), Chocolate/Candy coated sunflower seeds (the Chicklet approves!  LOL), walnuts, fried veggie chips,  walnuts, etc.  They offer a wide range of gluten free shopping options.  You can find their gluten free goodies here.    I am seriously tempted to order some goji berries from them and see what they are like too.  The reviews of their goji berries seems to indicate that they are not going to be the shriveled little nuggets I can find locally.  (The local ones do VERY little to encourage me – or my Love to incorporate them into our diets.)

And… I want to try their Hearty Whole Grain Gluten Free Bread mix.  They list directions for the bread maker as well as for the oven – so I’m good to go no matter which I am able to use.  (Although I think our stand-mixer is showing signs of giving out (BOO!), so the bread maker might be getting a new round of testing soon!)

The *only* thing i wish I could find on their site is the ingredient list of the mixes (like the bread mix I list above or the other GF mixes they have available). (Ignore that…I’m a dork and found the ingredients listed at the very bottom of the product page.  DUR!)   I’m not a fan of some gluten free flours (as I’m sure many of us are), so I try to avoid buying products with flours that have flavors that I don’t care for.   I also know that some of us can’t have every flour.  Just because it is gluten free, doesn’t mean that it is a green light for everyone.

Have you ordered anything from Nuts Online?
Do you buy your gluten free products online?
What do you buy online for your gluten free eating and baking?

Hmmm… I might have to check out some online options for things I want to try or can’t find locally.
Shopping with a newborn and a toddler is proving to be a time-consuming and muscle-building endeavor that may not always be feasible. 😉
Got any tips?  I could use them!


  1. Yes, I love Nuts Online! We get home from our vacation tomorrow and there should be a big box of goodies waiting for us. They are prompt and everything is very fresh! I am anxious to try the dried pomegranite seeds.

  2. I’m guessing the millet and quinoa have a high risk of cross contamination with the nuts? Or are they processed in different facilities? (We have a nut and sunflower sensitivity here, along with milk, soy, gluten and a couple others.)

    • oh…. hmmm… I am not sure, Penny. I don’t have any idea about the cross-contact or contamination possibilities with nuts for these things. I’m sorry! The NutsOnline folks are great – and speedy with replies. I bet they would be able to help!

  3. Excellent! Thanks for passing this info along! I have a couple Gluten Free Eating friends that could use this resource – and testimonial! Sweet, thanks for the taking the opportunity to test and Tell! 🙂 Love it!

  4. Kate, I love your blog! Thanks for posting even in the midst of the time it takes to adjust to a new baby. I just had my second baby in May (also by c-section), and completely understand what you mean about trips to the grocery store with a toddler and a newborn! Sometimes it’s a bad idea, but sometimes there’s no avoiding it. I try to go when we’re all full and toddler is not tired and baby is tired, since I wear the baby in a wrap to keep my hands free – it’s the only way I can function! All three of these conditions being satisfied happens only once or twice a day, though… I’ve also been known to open a few snack foods while shopping to appease my toddler (and myself)!
    As for on-line shopping, I joined a co-op that my friends formed to order from a distributor in Vancouver. That’s where I order almost all my gluten-free flours and pasta. It’s nice to have bulk amounts of that stuff, cheaper in the long run too!

  5. I order lots of goodies from Nuts Online (Almond Flour, chocolate covered nuts, etc). One of my favorite gluten-free resources is Gluten-Free Mall. They have literally everything you could ever want with deals and shipping is reasonable. I usually place one big order every4 months and that keeps us stocked with flours, pastas and goodies like cookies and cereal. I love trying new things with them because they often offer smaller sizes than other companies. I hate committing to a large bag of cookies only to find it tastes like sawdust. 🙂

  6. I love!!!! They are great people to do business with. Lots of variety and quality.

  7. Hi, I found your blog and review about on their Facebook page. I just ordered from them yesterday, about 5 minutes before it hit 4PM, and the package came today, waiting for me on my doorstep when I came back from work! I absolutely LOVE them;) And I’m glad that you do too 😀

  8. Looks like a good source of nuts! But in my opinion, goji berries are a very high priced berry that I could get the same nutrients elsewhere for less.

  9. Yes, and their shipping was reasonable and very fast! I’ve ordered pistachios, almond flour and macadamias from them. I’m still figuring out how to bake with the almond flour, but working it out. The macadamias were huge, whole, and wonderful. I candied them and covered with chocolate for Valentine’s Day. I can see from your post that I need to try a few more goodies from them.

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