Dear Santa


Chocolate Caliente a la español

Chocolate a la española/Spanish Hot Chocolate Photo by Kate Chan

A tidbit off my facebook posting just to help you get the context for my chocolate craving:

Dear Santa –

Please forgive my little imp’s exclamation of “Oh, shit!” when the gas fireplace burst to life the other day. And, well, her “What the hell is that, Momma?” query while we drove home and she saw strange sights through her side window in our quirky little town. After all, she did just give me the biggest, unrequested snuggly hug after her bath tonight.

And besides, we both know Momma and Papa deserve the coal for these infractions. But can you make my coal caffeinated at least? I need to keep up with her after all.


Get the picture?

Yes.  Tonight required much more than Calgon.

It was a hard-core, bring on the chocolately goodness that you have to sip off a spoon because it is slightly thickened and to-die-for.

Drink up.

Sip it all.

Lick the spoon and then ever crevice of your serving cup.


And post the recipe for someone else’s long day.

You won’t have any regrets.  Just delightful thoughts of chocolate, warm and toasty family cuddles and deep winter sleeps.


Spanish-style hot chocolate
Serves 1.5 chocolate lovers or 2.5 chocolate sippers (if those types exist.  LOL)


1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup half and half
4 ounces chopped chocolate (semi-sweet OR dark chocolate)
1/2 teaspoon cornstarch
1 teaspoon cold water
vanilla extract OR peppermint (that…would not be Spanish but it would be good!)

1. Heat milk and cream over medium-low heat until warm. STIR constantly to avoid scalding milk.
2. Stir in chocolate pieces and continue stirring until completely melted. Add the extract of your choice.
3. Mix together water and cornstarch until it is smooth. Add to chocolate. Continue to stir until the hot chocolate thickens to a thin pudding. Remove from the heat.
4. Serve with whipped cream (ideally) or mini-marshmellows (if necessary).

If you use dark chocolate, people in Spain have been known to sprinkle a little sugar on top for added sweetness.

Recipe serves 2-3 in demistasse cups OR just one if they have a huge chocolate craving!

Happy Gluten Free Chocolate Days, all!



  1. Heather Carey says:

    Oh My Thank You!

    It’s bed time now…. no way I could drink that and then sleep… but I can dream and anticipate and buy some dark chocolate and cream for tomorrow night 😉

  2. Oh good. Phew. It’s not just me who has a toddler who might exclaim “Son of a biiiitch” when he drops a toy..


    No, really, I have NO idea where he gets it.


    And, it’s not like anyone else can tell what he actually said…



  3. I have to admit that many years ago, our children repeating what they had heard is what caused us (parents) to clean up our acts. Our children had no idea what the fuss would be over their using a phrase that their parents use from time to time. It even seemed hypocritical to criticize them for imitating their parents, right? :::sigh:::

  4. LOL … been there, done that, Kate! This hot chocolate seems like it will make all things better though. 😉


  5. LOL…..Seems like I will echo the sentiment and I am glad I am not alone. After six kids you think I would learn… is very difficult to convince people that when my two year old daughter says “oh shit” when she drops something in the store that she isn’t saying “oh sit to a dog we don’t own”! 😉

    I know what I will be sipping tonight! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  6. Haha, such a cute Dear Santa! Love this recipe for hot chocolate, I’m definitely craving some after all the snow we’ve gotten!


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