Family Photos and an offer for YOU from Kodak

I love taking pictures.

I am certainly not a pro, but for every 500 photos I take, one does turn out nicely.  😀

There are so many bloggers now than what used to be about.  And their blogs are gorgeous.  Really.  The photography, the design of their “theme” (what the blog looks like), etc.  I keep getting email from people asking me if I am “in the market” for a logo or a specialized theme…. for serious cash, too, people.  Yikes.  Maybe I’m in over-my-head?  My little blog and I are just here to share what we make at home and hopefully help someone along the way.

As far as fancy pictures?  Bah.  I do my best with what I’ve got. 😀  Thank goodness, I have some cute subjects to photograph!


Ready and waiting for the rest of us to go, go, GO!

As far as fancy logo/theme?  Maybe I’ll consider doing that after I figure out how to pay for college for the kids.

I’m much more interested in documenting our life.  These last two years have ushered in MAJOR changes in our lives.  We’ve been working on keeping up with life and taking photos along the way.

the Beach!!

“First Beach” in LaPush, WA (We are so not dressed for the beach!)

Enter a perk from blogging.  Sometimes I am offered free samples to give away on my blog.  Sometimes good deals (like the “GFB:  Gluten Free Bar” that I told you all about a while back) are offered for me to share as well.  And today?  I have an offer to share with you from Kodak for 40% off a photobook through the end of August. (8.31.2011)  

A photobook?  I know you are wondering the connection between that and blogging.  Really  – I guess a lot of bloggers use photobooks to capture their recipes and photos (cool, but I didn’t do that).  I, on the other hand, have use photobooks in the past to capture our lives.  I have made two photo books total in our life.  Now three.  And the third one is thanks to Foodbuzz (that side ad you see to the right) and Kodak Galleries. (For the sake of full disclosure, I was given a free 20 page photobook to write this review/post.)

La Push with Uncle John

First adventures on the beach with Uncle John (LaPush, WA)

So I took the chance to document our lives for the kids.  I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the hundreds of digital family pictures we have.  (Mostly of us hanging out together….or eating.  Huh.  Imagine that.. .a food blogger taking photos of her kids eating.  lol)

I am fearful that as technology changes, I won’t be able to access my old photos easily.  Or worse…what if I lose them all?  Oh sure, I could burn a dozen or more DVDs with our photos on them.  Or store them on an external hard drive (I already do), but then they are viewable.  And I’m realizing that my kids are really enjoying looking at pictures.

Monorail - Seattle

With Momma waiting for the monorail, Seattle

Recently, my mother-in-law, father-in-law and our three nieces (ages 9 and two 2 year old twins) came to visit.  My in-laws were shocked at how easily the Chicklet remembered them since she hadn’t seen them for a year.  I told them that I was certain it is because I’ve printed pictures of her with them and posted them at her eye-level in the kitchen on the dishwasher, etc.  (Love those magnetic photo sleeves you can get.)

With more family from Chicago visiting, and photos from when my parents/family were here this Spring, I want to figure out how to keep these pictures and have them accessible for the kids.  Thus the photobook.

Seattle Center

Hanging out with Daddy in the Seattle Center

The kids will remember the playgrounds and the actvities, but I don’t want them to forget the people.  Just in the last month, we’ve had some fabulous little adventures the Chicklets and I.

I made my photobook with the “autopilot” light on – the kids were underfoot and busy seeking my attention, the noodles were just about ready to boil over and the phone rang.  You know the moment:  when your brain say “DONE” and you just go for it.

And the Kodak program was easy.  I made a medium photo book (they gave me a free 20 pages medium book for this experience/post – full disclosure) with 40 pages.  I let Kodak do the layout by selecting the option to have the photos upload chronologically.  And then I ordered two copies.  I’m thinking photobooks might be the way I go.  If we can afford to do it, I will order two for each “yearbook” for family adventures.  One for each of the girls when they grow up.

What do you do?  How do you share your photos?

If you are interested in the Kodak offer to get 40% off a photobook, check out this link.  The offer is valid through 8.31.2011.


  1. I just realized you’re in the Seattle area, too-well Washington at least. Cool beans 🙂

  2. diane harris says:

    the chicklets are growing up beautifully. and i like your blog just the way it is…being gluten free i’ve picked up many hints and facts and enjoy the story of your life that you care to share…..

  3. rhubygirl says:

    i think that might be the first time you’ve posted your own face. look at you lovely lady!~xo!

    one of my friends makes photobooks like a fiend. any trip anywhere, gifts for the fam-damily, for the kids to remember things. she has really gotten into it.

  4. My grandmother passed away recently and we have temporary custody of all of the photos.

    It has, at the same time, made me love (copies for everyone!) and hate (wait… we haven’t printed pictures in the last decade) digitization. I’m pretty sure there is a large photo book in my future because it’s the only way to make a scrapbook for 20+ people.

    That said, I’ve already enlisted to lovingly scrapbook albums for all of my sister’s future children but that’s still a ways away, thank goodness 🙂

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