Still worth it? Some recipe-less posts?

So… do tell… what do you think?

Lately I’ve been pondering things that I would like to write, but I have resisted because this blog has mainly contained posts with recipes attached.  All of my ponderings have related to living gluten-free, so that’s not the issue.

For example, this weekend I’m pondering a big cooking expedition:  prepping lunches (GF lunches) for me for the week.  (As in, I am addicted to Amy’s GF/Dairy-Free bean burritos…. but there is NO way I can afford them for all of my cravings… so maybe I’ll figure out my own recipe??).  I’d love to solicit freezer-stored, ready to microwave/heat & eat recipe ideas and post my own adventures.  But since there is possibly no “final” recipe (or maybe no recipe at all if I blow it!), would it bug you?

What do you think?

Would blog entries related to GF life but without recipes turn you away?

Please vote and add your comments below!

Help me decide!

😀  thank you!



  1. I love the idea of freezer/microwave ready recipes. I’m a college student and between my ever changing work schedule and school I frequently don’t have time or energy to prepare very involved meals. Even if you don’t post a final recipe the ideas would be interesting to hear about.
    By the way I want to thank you for giving me back pancakes. I LOVED my mom’s pancakes growing up and I missed them so much after becoming gluten free. The GF pancake mixes in the store are ridiculously expensive so I love your cottage cheese pancake recipe.

  2. as long as you are genuine and writing from the heart, it doesn’t matter. i find some of my most visited posts are the one’s I write about anything but food, it’s the variety of content as a whole. btw… made your bread yesterday. omg. i’ve had 4 PB&J sandwiches in the past 18 hours. awesomeness.

  3. I would be happy to read whatever insights you have to offer. I sometimes go too long between posts at my blog for the same reason: I feel like I should have a recipe to post.

    Please share whatever you’re doing to make your gf lifestyle easier, even recipe failures. It’s all a learning experiene!

  4. Sometimes it’s the journey that counts, not the destination.

    I’d love to read about whatever thought processes you are going through. 🙂

  5. I think it is good for bloggers to vary their reach, and it also will help you avoid getting into a rut. Go for it!

  6. Recipes are nice, but I can always google those. I think writing about all aspects of gluten free living are of interest to me. Eating out, traveling, family get togethers are all part of a gluten free life and I love to hear how other people deal with them too. Also shopping, both on-line and in stores. If you have good recommendations for places to get great prices on gluten free items that’s good also. I enjoy reading reviews of products too because it can help me decide if it’s something I want to try.

  7. I love amys gf burritos too, I’m addicted I would love if you tried a recipe that worked or even that didn’t work so i would know what not to try 🙂

  8. I agree – the bigger challenges of living gluten-free have to do with navigating the world – vs finding recipes (which the net is rampant with nowadays).

    I have been living gf for more than 40 years… and am shocked by the abundance of gf food. That has changed – the feelings and the human challenges often remain the same. Keep talking!

  9. Ahorsesoul says:

    This is your blog. Blog whatever you’d like, with or without recipes. I could spend years reading and trying all the recipes you have already posted.

  10. Hey, whatever you want to do. After all it IS YOUR BLOG! Sometimes ramblings will prompt someone else to come with an idea, like a recipe that might work for what you want.
    As far as a ready to grab lunch, how about a crustless quiche? I love having a frozen quiche in the freezer to grab and go. I’ve made my daughter chicken strips breaded in ground almonds and (gasp, not healthy) GF corn dogs. I always made extra chicken breasts and cut them up and freeze. THen I can put some in a container with a little mayo, bring a bag with craisens and one with chopped walnuts. At lunch mix and eat with GF crackers. Always have some veggies and fruit to grab too. Leave some corn tostados or chips, cheese and some picante sauce in the fridge at work and you always have a quick lunch.

  11. I have a freezer idea that came from my grandmother and my mother. They both make this. They fire up the bbq grill and throw several chuck roasts on at once, grilling them on low heat for an hour at minimum, turning them to brown them on all sides. Then they wrap them individually in foil (I use parchment paper) and finish them in the crock pot. (I use coffee as my base; it makes a nice beef broth.) They freeze them. When we children come from out of town to visit, they have a meat ready to go. Tastes like beef brisket from the bbq stand.

  12. Oh, I’m with you on those BURRITOS!!! Actually, I have been playing around with making my own because yeah. They are awfully spendy! Anyway, I have been experimenting with making a huge rice flour-based crepe as the ‘tortilla’ and then filling it full of beans, rice and other things. Fold it up, pop on a cookie sheet and freeze then wrap for later.

    I’m still working on perfecting the crepe… Maybe you will have good luck with it. Anyway, I say, whatever works. Recipes, no recipes. No matter!

  13. I’m new to GF and need all the help I can get. I am the mom for a large household of teens and none of them are GF, so I still cook regular food. All the more reason why I need some quick freezer foods for myself. Because after I spend hours cooking for the kids I am NOT going to cook something else for me. And I cannot afford to buy special GF foods for the whole bunch. So please do share your experiments. Even your failures help me in my own experiments. Knowing what doesn’t work is just as important as knowing what does.

  14. rhubygirl says:

    i’m here for you first and GF options second. you post what you’re inspired to. this should never be a chore.

    PLUS you’re always good about indexing, so no worries, lovely!

  15. First, what part/state of the usa do you live? Second while I do not come ONLY for the recipes, it is a major draw (80/20 split for recipes/ chat).

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