Ice bound… Snow bound…. Powerless…. Thus no heat etc. Better GF preparedness test? I think not but it could end now.  Please.



  1. Yes, same for us here. We haven’t left home since Tuesday. Thankfully we only lost power for 4 hrs, but we are all ready for the ice to thaw! Hope your power comes back soon.

  2. we were in the same boat in october, 5 days without heat and power after a giant freak snowstorm. Stay warm!

  3. Hope the power is already back on for you guys, Kate! I only like being without power when I’m camping. 😉 Otherwise, it gets old fast. 😦

    Hugs to you all!

  4. So much in our lives depend on power. When we lose power it is usually -40, so finally we had a wood burning stove installed. So last week we didn’t lose the power, but the propane line froze up – so no heat. -40 gets cold fast – but my trusty wood stove keep enough of the house warm I could make it til someone could come and get the heaters going again. Thinking of you, peace and quiet can be wonderful – but not when enforced by lack of power.

  5. Lawanda Davis says:

    I am a native Floridian and have never seen snow and this is the reason why I hope I never will. But we still get a lot of power outages due to lightning and wind.

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