A visual tour of our latest meals

Okay – so sitting down to type up a post just has not happened.  I have been sick lately – not just with a cold, but beyond normal.  I thought I had mono (nope) and am just ready to be able to take a full breath again.  I’m so tired, but life just does not stop when Mom is tired….or grades are due…or … well, you already know.

So rather than a recipe, here’s a visual tour of all the things I *thought* I was going to be able to write up, but just haven’t had a moment to catch my breath (or the physical ability to catch my breath – LOL) lately.

Which one interests you?  What are you making now that Fall is here?

Some curly pasta caught my eye. Stir-fried with garlic, chicken, and veggie? Done. And quick too.

Blanced giant collard green paddles, stuffed with ground turkey, rice and veggies and topped with enchilada sauce before baking a bit more. A veggie packed dinner punch for sure!

Last minute garlic bread. Seriously. From idea to the table in 35 minutes or so. Hot dog! It’s definitely modified, but this working woman is keeping this idea in the mix!

This Pinterest-inspired dish is great. I mixed a ton of veggies into the dish and will absolutely eat this again and again. YUM.

Breakfast burritos are so much faster now – Thank you, Rudy’s! I can make a huge batch, wrap and freeze. Then reheat in the microwave on my way out the door in the morning.

I’ve been working on a new GF bread recipe – and converting some of my favorites for the bread maker. Honestly, I’ve realized I just don’t eat that much sandwich bread any more. But I LOVE having the breadcrumbs on hand for fish, chicken, etc. 😀

Making fancy potatoes for the girls “Princess dinner” – easier with a great pair of squared-off chopsticks as cutting guides. Don’t slice all the way through, just down until about 1/3-1/2 inch. Then slightly separate the potatoes when placing in the baking dish and drizzle with butter, season to your desired levels and top with some great chopped parsley.

Currently, I have a fresh, whole pumpkin sitting on our counter.  It came with our CSA pick up.  I have delicata squash, carrots, beets, rainbow chard, purple cabbage, celeriac, etc.  Missing is the time to explore/experiment.  Most of what we eat is stir-fry as it is so easy to chop up the veggies we have on hand and munch.

But last night I made some yummy tortilla soup – another family favorite way to use a ton of veggies.

Winter is really just starting around here now.  The dark, cold mornings are upon me.  Seems like just last week the sun was shining on my way in to work and on my way home.  I think I need to learn how to make some tasty gumbo this winter.  Anyone have a recipe they recommend?  😀

Happy GF Eating All –



  1. We are having a lot of soup right now. And, tortilla is one of our favorites!

  2. So sorry to hear you’ve been ill!

    please do make sure you’re taking adequate vitamins C (I take 500 mg “Ester-C” when I’m healthy, 1000 when I’m sick) and D-3 (NOT D-2, we don’t absorb D-2 as easily; I take 5,000 IU in the summer, and 10,000 in winter or when I’m sick).

    I think B12 deficiency may have a role in mono, especially if you take acid blockers, which block the acid needed to process the B12 in diet/supplements. Celiacs are at increased risk for B12 deficiency, even after going gf. I had it 4 years after going gf. It was not fun, and overlapped in many ways with mono symptoms (exhaustion, dizziness, headaches, etc).

    I now take a methyl cobalamin sublingual supplement (1000mcg) combined with frolic acid and B6.

    And chicken soup is a must (unless you are vegetarian, of course)!

    Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery. Really, after all the good food you’ve brought to so many households by inspiration, we should be bringing food to YOUR house.
    Wish I lived close enough to do so!

  3. hope you are feeling better. I feel guilty for asking. can you shre the recipe for the last minute garlic bread recipe? I am looking for a homemade and very quick GF bread recipe.

  4. Varenikje says:

    The turkey and veggie collard green chiladas look like a good one to try. They remind me of dolma. Ever make those? Dolma are made with grape leaves (usually sold in jars at the grocery store) and the liquid over the top is tomato sauce and served with plain yogurt and/or feta cheese and a Greek salad.

    The breakfast burritos also look promising. So, Rudi’s makes ng tortillas?

  5. Sweet! I bought collard greens on a whim at the farmers market…..and forgot to ask for ideas what to do with them. I had assumed steamed but when I tried a bite at home …. Not so sure anymore. But this, will work great.

  6. Well, I know this post was two months ago, but just in case you’re still feeling really tired. Have you had your Dr. check your vitamin D levels? People in the Pacific Northwest have a hard time getting enough sunlight for vitamin D. Even though it’s added to things, it’s still not enough. Our family doc just checked ours (mine, my husband and my son’s) last month. Out of the 3 of us, only my son was in the “Normal” range (20-80) and his was 20.3! My husband was the lowest at 11 and I came in at a whopping 13.7. So, my husband and I have been placed on a high dose weekly vitamin D supplement. My hubby was definitely feeling exhausted. As for me, I’m always tired anyway, but it has helped. Being low can also make you depressed and susceptible to colds. You can “Google” vitamin d deficiency to find out more side effects. Hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

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