Our Adoption

Read this post for more information about me, my Love, and this whole process.

Bring on the baby!, originally uploaded by Kate Chan

You can follow along on our journey (or my musings of it) via these posts too:

For those of you who have been asking about our adoption timeline (usually others adopting too), here’s the skinny version:
  • June 22, 2008: Application Date to agency
  • July, 2008: Autobiographical writings, letters of references, medical reviews, etc.
  • August, 2008: Home Study visits (x2), online classes about adoption issues, etc.
  • September 27, 2008: Last Home Study interview/visit
  • September 30, 2008: I-600A Application submitted with completed Home Study
  • October 5, 2008: Fingerprinting for I-600A appointment date set
  • October 27, 2008: Referral received via voice mail
  • October 28, 2008: Referral packet (3 pieces of paper, 2 photos) received via US Mail
  • October 29, 2008: I-600A fingerprinting appointment & referral accepted (of course!
  • November 4, 2008: I-600 application sent in to agency
  • November 11, 2008: I-600A approved and information sent to National Visa Center & Seoul, South Korea (embassy)
  • November 15-21, 2008: Painting! Organizing! Getting that nursery done!
  • December 2, 2008:  I-600 submitted to USCIS by agency
  • December 15, 2008: I-600 approved by USCIS
  • December 29, 2008:  I-6oo approved “logged in” at the National Visa Center
  • December 31, 2008:  I-600 approved “logged out” at NVC and sent on to Seoul, South Korea
  • January 9, 2009:  “P3” (or the verification packet) is sent to the Korean adoption agency.
  • March 13, 2009:  Visa issued (dates are unknown for the issuance of the emigration permit and passport)
  • March 16, 2009:  The Chicklet is 10 months old.
  • April 9, 2009:  She travels to the US!!! Our Family Day begins it all.
  • December 11, 2009:  Our “Family Day“:  The adoption is finalized in the US Courts.  Wahooo!  It’s now official!


  • So what are we doing currently? Loving this little wiggly imp with all of our hearts and souls!

Love these little beans of mine

Chicago 2012

Thank you for your help, encouragement, love and support.
Life’s journeys are amazing and beautiful, aren’t they?


  1. Many prayers!

    Have you seen this organization that offers grants to ppl in the states that want to adopt?

    Good luck,


    Thanks for the link, Cathy. We have seen their site, but we don’t qualify because we do not have an affliated church. HOWEVER, this link may be a great resource for people who are also looking for grants and end up here.
    THANK YOU for the help!

  2. domesticshorthair says:

    Congratulations! I am new to reading your blog, but I had to comment on your adoption. Having been through the same process exactly four years ago ourselves for our Korea-born son, I know that you must be absolutely beside yourselves in anticipation of bringing her home. Soon you’ll be looking back on this time as a mere hiccup in the process of raising your daughter.

  3. Melissa Ellison says:

    Good luck! I am the wife of an adopted man and we’ve adopted two children also. I found your site as he was just diagnosed with celiac so I’m searching everything gluten free. Best wishes on your journey. Annyeong Haseo — or Hello in Korean — gets you very far with the very friendly people of Korea… and of course, always remember to say: Kamsa Hamnida or Thank you… and give your head a tiny downward flinch or bow to show respect. You will have a wonderful experience!

  4. Congrats!!! We have two adopted sons who are now adults. They have been the greatest joy of our lives. Children bring pain and joy, but the joy they bring is worth everything.

    Just wonder what her name is and when we get to see a picture.

  5. Sue Liedel says:

    Help! After watching It’s Complicated, I rushed home to try and make your croissants. They seem to be underdone in the middle. Even when I make them smaller or cook longer, they still have the same underdone appearance. Any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong? I tried rolling them very, very thin, almost so thin that I could not roll.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    • Ohh… I don’t know. They are tender on the inside, but not doughy. Maybe you could turn your oven down a bit and bake them a bit longer????

  6. I have several blogs, the one I listed in our Family Blog. I also JUST started a gf blog last week, as my son (2 y/o) was just diagnosed with Celiac. I am blogging at http://cookingforcorban.blogspot.com

    Wanted to say “hi” and thanks for all the good info you have here! I have already adopted your gf flour blend– I’ve purchased all the ingredients and can’t wait to try it!

    Also, my husband and I are traveling to Ethiopia in TWO WEEKS to meet our daughter and to go to court! We are adopting by choice, as our son is bio, but we are sooo excited!

    Thanks again for this blog, it has already been a life-saver to me and my son!


    • OMGosh – I got goosebumps reading about your travel dates! I wish you all the best memories EVER POSSIBLE as those indelible sights, sounds, smells, joys, and flavors will last your lifetime and hers. BEST of LUCK to you all!



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