Carol Fenster’s New Flour Blend

I saw this posted on the internet somewhere and thought I would give it a try. I’m sorry to report that I’ve lost my link to the original source. Sorry!

I believe it is from Carol’s new book, titled: Gluten Free Quick & Easy.

1 ½ cups sorghum flour
1 ½ cups potato starch or cornstarch
1 cup tapioca flour
½ cup corn flour or almond flour or bean flour or chestnut flour


  1. Hi Kate,

    I’m new to the GF world, but I must say that I’ve used Carol Fenster’s flour mix for the past month in a few different things and have found it to be delicious. Actually, there’s really only been one thing that I was not all that happy with since I started making my own baked goods.

    Just found your site, and I’m looking forward to trying out your recipes. They sound great and look delightful!

    Welcome to the Land of GF, Michelle! It’s great to see that you’ve already found something that works so well for you right away! It’s taken me a bit longer to get my feet under me and this blog is helping me do that. I hope you do find some things that look good to you too! =) – Kate

  2. Hi,
    That recipe is from her book :
    Gluten-Free 101 : Easy Basic Dishes without Wheat

  3. Kate,
    Just thought I’d post and say how much I’ve loved this mix. I just bought Carol’s latest, “1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes” and it seems like she’s dropped the corn flour from the mix. Who knows? Perhaps she thought it didn’t do much or that people were asking, “What’s corn flour?” This mix works well with so many things and it’s nice to have one batch around instead of several half cups of this or that.

  4. kazzles says:

    Hi, just a quick question – what is the difference between cornflour and cornstarch? I’m not in the US and never quite sure what the names mean!

    I love your blog by the way! Every recipe I have tried has worked amazingly. Hope your beautiful little girl is fitting in well to her new home?

    • Victor Morrow says:

      Corn flour (Masa Harina) is a fine flour from hominy. It differs from cornstarch and corn meal in its texture and I believe in the type of corn. Most grocery stores have it in there latin foods/international section. I see Maseca brand most commonly

      • Very true – Thank you, Victor!
        I think the concern is because the term “corn flour” means “cornstarch” in the UK. It’s a bit of a linguage foo-fah for us cross-continental recipe seekers. 😀

  5. Nursegirl says:

    No one’s been on this post for a while, but I still have to ask. Do you add xanthan gum to this flour when baking, or can you use it 1:1 with wheat flour?


    • There is xanthan gum in the flour mix – AND I add it when baking some things. (You have to check the recipe.)
      It does swap 1:1 for flour, in certain recipes, but not for bread recipes.

  6. Is tapioca flour the same thing as tapioca starch? I know potato is different but I can’t seem to find the difference between tapioca.

  7. Francine says:

    I’m new to this, ususally I try to make a recipe off a site like yours. I really wanted to venture out and make some flour blends. I need a recipe to make large batches, so I’m not running to the store for theirs. I ‘m guessing from reading your thoughts that I need 3 mixes; one for cakes and cookies, one for bread and one for pancakes and waffles. I’m not a celiac but I have found I have ADHD and that taking the gluten out of my diet takes away the fog and helps with my memory. I need a bread flour recipe that works. Mine turn out like bricks! It doesn’t matter if I use my Kitchen Aid or the bread machine. Any suggestions?

    • DianeTampa says:

      Hi, I am just getting into gf baking and recommend the below blend for bread from the Land O’Lakes website:

      Gluten-Free Flour Blend: To make flour blend, combine 2 cups rice flour, 2/3 cup potato starch, 1/3 cup tapioca flour and 1 teaspoon xanthan gum. Use appropriate amount for recipe; store remainder in container with tight-fitting lid. Stir before using.

      I followed the recipe to a T and the bread came out amazing. Enjoy!

      PS I will try the once recommended on this page next and see how they differ.

  8. Ann Capodanno says:

    Is there some way to make yeast breads that do not go dry & crumbly on 2nd day. I don’t always want to freeze the bread. I’ve been baking gf for 3-4 yrs now but cannot seem to make a gf yeast bread that stays moist for 2-3 days. I add Authentic’s “Dough Enhancer” & also use some flax & sweet rice flours to add elasticity. Help! Ann Cap

  9. Wow that’s a lot of sorghum! I would think this would be a healthy mix. Have you been successful in using this mix? I have been on a sorghum mix search since we visited England. I loved the gluten free bread there. My last try with a mix was a disaster.


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