1st Christmas, 1st Black Eye – LOL

A Wordless Wednesday Photo Post.

Wordless Wednesday

I love that bed-head stare.

Love this girl – Wordless Wednesday

Love this girl, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Finally on Wednesday, too!

Nearly Wordless.. and Nearly Wednesday

You see why I’ve been offline, right?
This precious munchkin has my attention.
She’s finally over jet lag – HOORAY!

I plan to be back blogging recipes in the next week or so. Zoe has already been munching on some oatcakes that have a bit of cinnamon in them for her teething and breakfast. (Somehow I didn’t think just sucking on the outside of empty plastic Easter eggs was going to fulfill her nutritional needs.)

I have no idea what recipe will strike my fancy – but I have a few ideas floating through my head. I think this weekend I will whip up a loaf of Pepita Bread before My Love goes back to work.

Ah…. family life is grand!
I hope you are all well and forgive me for not being able to follow up with reading all of your blog posts. You guys are BUSY – and I’m finding myself without the time to keep up!

Much love – and as always, Happy GF Eating.

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