Anyone up for a BBQ?

I am!

If only the weather would cooperate! It’s NOT pleasant. I’m cold! (I know, I should NOT complain about this as it could become QUITE hot when I’m home this summer…without air conditioning…and the house is wrapped in plastic (no windows to open) for the painters…bah!).

There are two+ weeks of school left before I will get a chance to catch my breath. I’m lost in the tornado that is the end of a school year for a teacher. It’s always a little bittersweet for me. I know my students really well by June and I hate to see the year end…but I’m so stinkin’ tired and have very little energy left to keep coming up with creative ways to engage their brains. I need a break. So do they.

This weekend the foreign exchange students (there are three girls here + one boy…plus one American student…OMG!!)) are coming for an overnight at our house. (What were we thinking?!?) We had hoped to be able to set them up outside, have a BBQ, build a fire in the fire pit and let them sit around, roasting marshmallows and talking until all hours of the night. However, the weather looks like it will be too chilly for a BBQ….maybe even too wet for a fire pit and roasting marshmallows. So we are moving inside for fondue and caramel popcorn (or peanut butter popcorn, which they love too).

However, I still want a BBQ.

And more importantly, as all parties at our house are gluten-free – I want a GF BBQ with Steve, Ginger, Carrie, Natalie, Jill, Seamaiden, Jeff, Lucy, Cassandra, MaryFrances, Dianne, Kay, The GlutiGirls, Thomas, Anna, Sheltie Girl, …. okay.. I feel like the magic mirror moment here could sweep me away. I’d better stop – but trust me, YOU ARE INVITED!

Let’s have a VIRTUAL Gluten-Free BBQ

Make something that you would bring to a BBQ in a park or at a friend’s house – and let’s have a party! Post your pictures, recipes, etc on your blog (or email them to me if you aren’t a blogger and I’ll help share your goodies) by July 7th and I’l post a round up for us all to share the goodies. I hope we can build a resource for everyone for the rest of the summer.

I truly excited to try and make a game out of this too. Do you remember the children’s game “I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring….”? The first person says something that begins with a letter A and then the second person says something that begins with a letter B, etc OH! We could have fun! So let’s add a wrinkle. Sign up and tell me which letter of the alphabet you want for your post too!

  • WHAT: A Virtual Gluten Free BBQ Party
  • WHO: YOU! (of course! Blogger or not – join the fun!)
  • HOW: Pick a letter of the alphabet (or not), create your picnic/BBQ dish (Like Apple Coleslaw = A, etc), take a picture, post your recipe/picture on your blog (or email it to me), post it or email it by July 7th and link back to me here.
  • LOGOS: Here are two logos for you to use with your post:

  • HOW DO YOU SIGN UP: Comment, babee, comment!

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