Thank you, Starbucks…..

Thank you, Starbucks….., originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Okay…so this morning I stopped at Starbucks for the first time in a LONG time. (I’m actually laying off the caffeine for a while… I’ll explain later.) The drive-thru line was much too long for me as I was running late but the store itself was pretty barren. I decided to run in.

AND BOY-HOWDY, am I glad I did!

Oh my goodness! Waiting there in the middle of the store was a table FILLED with GLUTEN FREE bonanza goodies! I found “Peeled Snacks” (I got the cherry and the apple) which are just natural, dried fruits with nothing added. I found Kind Bars (which to be honest, I’m not a big eater of these as they taste like candy bars to me… but heck! I was THRILLED to see the gluten free offering!). And, I found my new addiction: Lucy’s Cinnamon Thin Cookies.


These babies are GOOD.


I’m thrilled to have a great range of goodies to choose from the next time my girlfriends want to connect for coffee after work.

So, thank you, Starbucks! You made my day. And now my desk drawer is stuffed with dried fruits, almonds and yummy treats for moments o’chopping in my future!

Please let me know if you guys find these products nationwide, too!
I’d love to know if I can pick them up when I head to Chicago or Arizona to see family too!

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