Bah… starting over ….

This week an absurb heat wave melted my brain, took away my sanity and forced us to seek shelter in a local hotel.  Really .  Our house was so hot, neither the Chicklet nor I were sane by the time my sweet Love returned from work.  The following morning, I checked in to a hotel.  Our first move at the hotel?  Crack the air conditioner to artic blast and ooohhh-ahhhh at the frosty cool air that blew in our faces.  Oh yea, the Chicklet is an air-conditioning lover too.

Sadly, upon returning home and setting up for some serious make up blog posting… I realized that the heat wave did more than ruin our budget… but my recipe notebook/spiral was toast.  A goner.  In the garbage….. and dead.  All before I could copy back the recipes I used.  The one I think I will miss the most is for these fabulous green onion pancakes.

GF:  Green Onion Pancakes

If you’ve never had a scallion pancake, then you don’t know what you missed out on.  But these faux-scallion pancakes were OMG-delicious.  Even the babe was at my feet hovering for bites as I cooked these individually.

Munching on GF Green Onion Pancakes

Losing that notebook means I also lost my notes for:

some seriously chow-friendly and budget-friendly taco salad mixings

GF Taco Salad Mix

delicious gluten-free zuchini breakfast pancakes

GF:  Zuchini pancakes

wickedly finger-licking gluten-free beer braised lamb shanks

Gluten Free Beer-braised lamb shank with carrots

and one rendition of my go-to salmon chowder recipe.

Mommy Meal:  Salmon Chowder Lunch (Gluten free, of course)

Ah, well.  Guess it’s time to start over with a new notebook, huh?  And the imp?  She’s happy to begin her taste-testing follies all over again, I’m sure.

I would talk...but my mouth is full of zuchini pancake.

Forgive my absence.  I’ll be back again shortly with more recipes… and another lunch-idea list because now I’m packing for THREE!  A regular, A GF Lite and a Kidlet version to boot!

~Happy Heat Wave, All!

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