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So lately my lunches have been eaten here… at my desk… with my cell phone by my side in hopes that a miraculous phone call about the Chicklet will arrive.

It’s the only way I’ve made it through the day, really. It’s my only time without people around and the only time I can allow myself to break a bit and crumble a bit. Apparently, I’m quite good at sucking in all the anxiety and teaching with a smile on my face. I adore my job – that makes it easier – but somedays, it’s hard.

Lunch is nothing to get worked up in a frenzy about – but it is absolutely gluten-free and absolutely delicious.

I find myself seeking solace these days in the simple gluten free pleasures I can find at home. The healthier my lunch, the better I feel. Lately, I’ve been packing this for lunch (or some variation of this):

  • non-fat yogurt, raspberries and gluten-free granola parfait
  • roasted red pepper hummus
  • red pepper strips
  • and a handful of raw almonds (already munched upon by photo op time)

This simple lunch holds me over quite well actually. Now, if only I could get over the anxious munchies after dinner. Good grief! Tonight I ought to cure that with an extra long workout at the gym. If not, then I guess I will have to a little more protein to my lunch. (Maybe that’s why I’m hungry later??)

Today I ate lunch with colleagues for the first time in several weeks. It’s incredibly hard to see their loving faces ask about the Chicklet and to feel that depth of sadness again when I think about the not-knowing. Really, I think the not-knowing is the killer part.

This is a short post, just to show you all that I am still here. Still thinking about the Chicklet and baking.

I’ve got an awesome coconut cupcake and coconut bread recipe that I’m going to share with you all. Oh MAN – it was fabulous!

What have you guys been packing for lunch lately?

Tomorrow I’m bringing a great romaine heart salad with apples, dried cranberries and smoked salmon. The dressing (always the most important part, IMHO) is simply a splash of a great olive oil and another of a fabulous balsamic vinegar. MMMMM. (Are you looking for more gluten free lunch ideas? Check out this post too.)

Oh boy. Now I’m thinking about that salad for tomorrow!
I’d better get out of here and head to the gym already!

Happy GF Eating, All!

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